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Neighbor Sends Scathing Letter Insisting Resident 'Do Better' & Put Up More Christmas Lights

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Holidays and religion are a sensitive topic. Some people go all out with their holiday cheer decorating their homes with bright, colorful lights and holiday imagery everywhere you look.

Others prefer to celebrate quietly, foregoing the expensive décor and opting to keep it simple during the holiday season.

That’s why Redditors were shocked when one person took to the subreddit, r/F-ckYouKaren to share a letter from a neighbor who was disappointed with their lack of Christmas spirit.

A person sent their neighbor a harsh letter because of their lack of Christmas lights.

The letter starts out on a high note, saying, “Congratulations! You’ve won the Humbug award!”

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It goes on to say, “Because you have chosen to be a grinch and not put up Christmas lights, you have disappointed all the children, young and old, in your community.”

Clearly, the complaining neighbor takes holiday décor very seriously. They then started giving advice on how inexpensive it is to buy lights.

The letter writer told their neighbor, “LED lights are inexpensive to run and can be purchased even in second-hand stores for reasonable prices.”

The letter then goes on to make assumptions about the non-festive neighbor’s finances and lifestyle telling the reader that “cost is not an issue” and that they must be “too busy with their devices” to care.

The note then takes a nostalgic turn, asking the reader to recall how the Christmas lights on their street made them feel as a child.

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The person implores their neighbor to do better next year and “bring a smile to those in need.”

They do remind the recipient that it’s not too late to grab some decorations and that a little bit of effort goes a long way, advising them to “Love hard and love long.”

In the final words, the writer decides to continue to cross boundaries by telling their neighbor that other faiths put up lights, too, and that they should show pride in their religion with color.”

One person assumed the writer was elderly and said, “This just goes to show there's nothing in the world that moron boomers won't blame on technology.”

Another poked fun at the irony of the person doing exactly what they complained about, stating, “How long did it take this person to find that clip art? Font choice? Text color? BUSY WITH THEIR DEVICES!”

Another commenter suggested the neighbor blow up the letter and put it on a yard sign for all of the community to see and others took it a step further bringing up the idea of using a projector.

All-in-all, people were amused at the audacity of the “Karen” trying to control how their neighbor chose to celebrate the holidays.

It is surprising that in this day and age where people are fully aware of how diverse the world is, they still try to force their culture and values on other people.

According to Pew Research, 90% of Americans celebrate Christmas. But what about the 10% that chose not to spend extra money on their electric bill and gifts during the holiday season?

People are not a monolith. What works for one person may not work for the next one. We should respect each other’s choices and allow one another to do what is best for us and us only.

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