Motorcyclist Finds Baby Wandering In The Middle Of The Road — Dad Claims He Took His Eyes Off Him For 3 Seconds

A father found out the hard way that you're not supposed to open doors in a toddler's presence. He'll think twice about doing it next time.

Baby wanders in the middle of the road TikTok

Driving along in peace, a motorcyclist rode his way into fatherhood for approximately two minutes when he found a baby walking in the middle of the road.

Thankfully, the man had graciously honked in order to make the baby aware of his presence, allowing him to waddle over to the sidewalk and away from danger, but the situation was too weird to ignore. He slowed to a halt next to the baby’s position on the sidewalk and stayed with him.


The motorcyclist found the baby wandering around without his parents.

Very clearly confused, the man on the motorcycle stops his bike and regards the baby on the sidewalk a few feet away from him. Seconds later, another man that was driving along the same road takes them both in and decides to pull over as well.

The motorcyclist says, “Wait, is this yours?” referring to the lonely child, but the man in the car’s response is unintelligible — despite that, we can garner that he isn’t the baby’s father.

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As stranger #2 makes his 3-point turn and pulls over around the corner, the motorcyclist approaches the baby boy and tries to talk to him to see where his parents are.

“Hello! Uh, do you know where your mum is?” he asks, prompting the baby to give his best “goo goo gaga” answer. “Your mum, mama?” he asks again, but to no avail, the young boy can’t give him an answer.

The man from the car has gotten out now and told the two of them to wait “one second,” and so the motorcyclist takes the baby’s hand and tells him to wait.


Moments later, a large tow truck passes by. Smitten, we learn that the baby can indeed talk as he says “It’s cool! A truck!” The motorcyclist goes along with the baby, saying “Yeah! A truck!” which encourages the young boy to once again say “It’s cool!”

The baby seems to be having the time of his life, but where in the world are his parents?

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A man claiming to be the boy’s father showed up and thanked the motorcyclist.

After the truck fiasco, the motorcyclist turned off his bike, thinking that he may be there for a while, but is surprised when a man approaches from the car behind him and claims to be the boy’s father.


“Thank you very much,” the man says, seeming to be in a panic and out of breath — even forgetting to put his shoes on in his rush to look for his son. “Did you find him here?” he asks.

“Yeah, he was in the middle of the road. We stopped to see if we could find him,” the motorcycle driver said, likely meaning they wanted to find his parents or help him.

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At this point, another woman shows up and asks the father if that’s his child, making sure that this isn’t some stranger who decided to pick up a random baby on the side of the road. He confirms that he is the boy’s father and explains what happened.


“Thank you very much guys,” he says again. “Like literally three seconds, the door was open and he left.” According to BabyCentre UK, “Toddlers love the feeling of being free and running around.”

Babies will make it their mission to escape and wander, roaming the world in search of adventure, and this baby did exactly that. While BabyCentre claims that this kind of behavior should be encouraged, it’s important to “take responsibility for keeping [them] safe.”

Fortunately, these kind strangers were able to corral the baby after his dad’s momentary lack of vigilance. I’m sure this dad will think twice before opening a door in his kid’s presence again.


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