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Mom Asks Facebook For Advice After Her Toddler Got A Hold Of Her Vape — But Refuses To Go To A Doctor

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Mother, toddler

It can be scary when your child grabs hold of something that they shouldn't

But when that item is something you shouldn’t have placed around them anyway, it’s hard to garner sympathy.

One mother is getting slammed on Reddit for asking for advice after her child got ahold of her vape.

The post was shared on Reddit’s “r/ParentsAreF–-kingDumb,” a subreddit where people share screenshots or stories of parents across the internet not being the brightest when it comes to their children.

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The mother asked what she should do after her child may have used her vape.

The mother's post itself seemed to be a screenshot taken from Facebook, with her name hidden for privacy reasons.

She begins the post frantically asking for help.

“Help, help!” she writes. “My 21-month-old accidentally put a vape into her mouth and I think she took half a drag!”

Credit: Reddit / Facebook

The mother goes on to explain how after the incident, the child began to have a “chesty cough” and could hear her raspy breathing.

“I gave her a lot of vitamin C and onion syrup. What else can I do to help her get rid of that toxic phlegm in her lungs? She obviously can’t cough it all out like adults do.”

The mother reveals how after the incident, she got a cold but is still continuing to breastfeed.

She also explains how her partner wants to take the child to the doctor (for obvious reasons) but she knows they will give her daughter antibiotics and she “wants to avoid that.”

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Reddit users were both outraged and confused by the post.

The screenshot fails to include the five comments that the mother received on her post but Reddit users were left dumbfounded after the post. 

“Why would the vape even be near the toddler though? If I had a toddler I wouldn’t leave mine just laying around. Not to mention how does the kid know how to take a hit from it? The mom is probably vaping around the kid a lot then,” one user wrote.

One of the top comments suggests the cough itself could be a result of the child getting sick since the mother revealed she also had a cold.

“Why would you think it's the vape that's making a child cough if you have a cold yourself?” one user wrote.

“Wouldn't that give you every single indication that your child has a cold and either needs medicine or rest and liquids? If they are that big of a moron, they don't need to be rearing children.”

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Others pointed out the backward logic the mother seemed to have.

She doesn’t like antibiotics — despite the fact that her child probably needs them to get better — but is perfectly content with vaping.

"Antibiotic — but I don't understand what is *IN* them and I'm afraid! No antibiotics! ...Will you pass me my vape though?"

Regardless, if your child gets into something they shouldn't, the responsible thing to do for the sake of your child is to immediately get help — not post on social media.

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