Expecting Mother & Grandmother Fight Over The Paternity Of The Child In A Facebook Group Comment Section

Things are getting messy.

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When a woman posted a listing for a used bassinet on the Jefferson County, Buy, Sell, Trade Facebook group, she didn’t expect for messy family drama to ensue in her comments.

But fortunately for the entertainment of us onlookers, that's exactly what happened.

The comment section of a Facebook post has gone viral after a battle between a woman named Ashlee and her boyfriend's mother caught the attention of many.


The Facebook 'buy and sell' group quickly became like the plot of a 'Maury' episode as Ashlee was accused of cheating.

Responding to a post selling a child's crib, Ashlee asked if the original poster would take $50 for the item, but it seems Ashlee’s boyfriend’s mother had a lot to say. 

Judy responded under Ashlee’s initial question of the price and said, “REALLY ASHLEE? Your pregnet again? I knew you was cheating on Bryson. Whos the daddy Ashlee? The guy who works at QuikTrip? Krystle TOLD ME she saw you guys making out at Denny’s and you tried deny it. Well guess what Ashlee? You just got caught.” 


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TikToker nobodycaresanthony, posted two videos showcasing the ongoing family feud. In the now viral video, Anthony reads the comments between Ashlee and Judy. 



She continued, “Can't try n tell me the baby is Bryson’s when he’s been in jail.” 


From then on things begin to escalate as Ashlee claims she just found out she is 22 weeks pregnant. 

“So that was BEFORE Bryson went to jail the baby IS BRYSONS Judy. Im havin another one of your grandbabys and we will be in your life a long time GET USED TO IT” Ashlee said. 

She then goes on to say she had unprotected sex with Bryson before he was dropped off at jail. 

The soon-to-be grandmother then asks for a DNA test. 

Judy commented saying Ashlee does it “unprotected with half of Jefferson County!” and says Ashlee claims she has an “allurgy” to condoms so she would get pregnant and trap her son. 

“I know you said it to your trainee at Taco Bell too. I know what goes on Ashlee. You have me babysitting Jayden while you hook up with all of Herculaneum. I need a DNA TEST before I accept this grand baby as my own” Judy said.    


However, Ashlee called her mother-in-law disgusting and said this baby is Bryson’s just like her other son Jayden. 

But the fight continued. 

Judy said, “You just found out you was pregnent at 22 weeks — I know you had a Busch Light in your hand every minute of those 22 weeks Ashlee your always drinking beer wow bet you feel great now knowing your baby is gonna be born with a beer belly.” 

Ashlee then says its okay to have a few beers while you are pregnant. 

But, Judy says the mother also smoked cigarettes while pregnant with Jayden — which she believes is the reason he has ADHD.

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She then continues to mockingly call Ashlee mother of the year, which Ashlee responded to. 

“Says the woman who’s son is in jail leavin his son and pregent gf alone. I hope he gets out bfore I give birth” Ashlee wrote. 

Judy then says, “Bryson’s still in jail who's gonna come help you??? The QuikTrip guy or the high school kid you work with at Taco Bell who sells weed thru the drive thru?” 

But the drama doesn’t end there! Ashlee posted on the Facebook group asking someone to make a gender reveal cake. 

In the second video by nobodycaresanthony he shared screenshots Ashlee posted on the same Facebook page as the bassinet listing, asking if someone could make a tractors or tiaras cake for her gender reveal party. 




The post read, “Can someone bake a cake like this one? I’m having my gender reveal n want something cute like this. I have the gender in an envelope n will supply the baker. 22 weeks pregnet just want something nice.” 

Of course, Judy had something to say. 

“No one wants to make the cake Ashlee until they get answers.” Judy then continued in response to someone who asked if she could keep us updated with the gender and said, “she says she got the gender in a envelope, I hope the paternity is in that envelope too.” 


Judy then listed a men’s QuikTrip t-shirt. 

Judy then posted her own listing on the Facebook page with a men’s medium QuikTrip t-shirt she claims she found in the back of Ashlee’s car. 

“Smells like cigarett smoke n lies. Its a nice material though. Price firm.” Judy continued, “If I find a TREVOR name tag next I will throw that in for FREE.” 

Nobodycaresanthony says this is one of his favorite videos he has ever posted, and people on TikTok seem to agree. 


One comment read, “how are we gonna find out if Bryson is the baby daddy” 

Another comment from said, “I’m so invested in how this story plays out and whether or not that baby’s born with a beer belly”

Let's hope this family can resolve their differences. Bryson is in for a surprise. 

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