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Mom Confronts Parents After Her Son Was Excluded From 3 Parties In A Month — They Say They Won't Make Their Kids Invite Him

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Mom confronts other moms after her son was excluded from a party

Every parent on the planet assumes that their child will be well-liked by other children and grow up surrounded by lots of friends and family.

But that is not always the case.

One woman was beside herself when her son’s entire class was invited to a birthday party with the exception of him.

In a video shared on Facebook by It’s Gone Viral, the boy’s mother shared her frustration with the way her son, Simon was being treated by his classmates.

This, apparently, wasn’t the first time.

The upset mom explained that this was the third party he had been excluded from in the past month.

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She couldn’t wrap her mind around the way her son talked about doing things with his friends on a regular basis but was left out when it was time to celebrate their birthdays.

The confused mother told viewers that she had even formed friendships with the mothers of the kids in his class, so didn’t understand what she might have been doing wrong to get her child excluded.

She decided to speak with the mothers of Simon’s classmates to gain clarity on the ongoing situation.

The woman decided to secretly film the interaction she initiated with her fellow moms.

She didn’t even get into the reason she had pulled them aside before one of the women told her that Simon was “naughty.”

Stunned by the assertion, she responded, “No, he’s really quiet at home.”

The other women were quick to shoot down the mother’s defense of her son, advising that he had hit another child over the head with a fire engine, leaving a visible knot.

Simon’s mother seemed to be totally oblivious about the incident, asking why she wasn’t told.

The women explained to her that they had expected the teacher to address it and pressed her to disclose the reason she had accosted them.

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The woman eventually confronted the mothers of her son’s classmates, asking why he was not invited.

Without hesitation, one of the women defiantly answered, “Well, if our children don’t want him at their party, why should we make them?”

They went on to say that Simon was a “strange kid” and that all of the other parents agreed that his behavior was problematic.

Simon’s mother suggested that perhaps his behavior was related to the fact that he felt excluded by the other kids.

In response to her theory, the unidentified women began to run down all of the issues they’d had with Simon.

According to them, in addition to hitting others, he stole toys, told other kids that Santa was not real, and they hypothesized that he would only ruin the parties if he was invited.

They explained that they didn’t want to be “horrible” but thought it best to leave the rambunctious little boy off the guest list.

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The women claimed that they have tried to bring Simon’s actions to his mother’s attention before, but she didn’t listen.

The group shared that they were dead set on not inviting the boy to their children’s parties in the future and blamed his own misbehavior for that decision.

The ladies even went as far as to call the child a “bad influence on all kids” before explaining that they didn’t want him to come around their children to “ruin” them.

Still, in shock about what she was hearing, the mother continued to assert that she was in the dark about the issues with Simon.

She pleaded with the other parents to give her son a chance, suggesting some play dates.

Despite their apprehension about the boy, the other mothers agreed to a trial period of a few months.

They did, however, advise Simon’s mother to implement more discipline at home, and she agreed.

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Viewers were split on who was right — the mom of the other parents.

Some blamed the misbehaving child’s mother while others thought the other parents were a group of ‘mean girls.’

One woman stated, “I despise mean people. I especially despise mean adults who aim their meanness at children. Unforgivable.”

That comment was reacted to over 200 times with many agreeing that the other parents’ disdain for the boy was over the top.

A man wholeheartedly agreed with excluding Simon, posting, “I see people defending this lady but if your kid misbehaves, I’m not going to encourage my child to invite them. Even if they do if your child misbehaves, they won’t be coming or they will be sent home.”

Now that the child has a reputation as a troublemaker, gaining friends could be challenging.

It’s a vicious cycle of him being left out and likely reacting in a negative way, which will no doubt lead to him being banned from birthday parties for the foreseeable future.

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