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Mom Stages Fake Fine Dining Restaurant Experience To Make The Most Out Of Eating At Home With Her Kids

Photo: Shenavici / TikTok
Mom serving kids fancy dinner

It can be fun and exciting to spice up family dinners, especially if you're trying to get young kids to stay at the dinner table!

One mom makes eating a celebration by pretending she and her kids are at a fine dining restaurant.

Viewers are obsessed with this mother of three’s DIY dinner videos.

A mom on TikTok has gone viral for videos serving dinner to her kids like they're at a four-star restaurant.

Shena is a mom of three as well as a vlogger with 858.5K followers on TikTok.

Every so often, Shena likes to add some excitement to family dinners by pretending it is a fine dining experience.



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“We like to pretend we’re at a fancy restaurant when I cook. Part 4,” Shena wrote in the caption.

Her two daughters and son are seen sitting at the properly set table eagerly awaiting their dining service.

The mom of three was happy to take on the role of the waiter as she served them sparkling water with lemon and strawberries to start the dinner service.

Dinner was served on white tableware, delicately presented, and the silverware set just so.

There were even cloth napkins folded beautifully at each place setting.

Shena started with the appetizer which was Caesar salad.

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She then announced the entree after clearing the appetizer.

“Your second course is stuffed salmon with cilantro lime rice with asparagus.”  

Finally, the dessert course was strawberries with a chocolate drizzle and whipped topping, a recipe Shena calls “Deviled Strawberry S'mores.”

The kids are heard cheering in the background.

“Woohoo!” and “Wow!” They exclaimed. 

Shena’s fine dining at home series has blown up on TikTok. 

This TikTok alone has generated over 90k likes and almost 600k views.

TikTok users have fallen in love with Shena's videos and are asking to be invited to these lavish dinners. 

One commenter jokes, “Don’t be shocked when you see my extra chair there.” 

“These are my favorite videos to watch atm!!!” Another wrote. 

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Parents are also seeking advice for recipes and ways to get their kids to expand their palettes. 

“How do you get them to eat so good and such a varieties of food ?! My kids are so picky,” a mother asked. 



Shena continues to post to her series “Mommy’s Fancy Restaurant” and responds to user comments. 

The TikTok community eagerly awaits Shena's next mouth-watering fine dining experience! 

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