Divorced Mom Had To Wait To Hug Her Own Son After His Graduation Because 'The Other Woman' Grabbed Him First

She felt it was ridiculous that she had to wait to hug her own son on his big day.

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A mother was left feeling dejected after she wasn't the first one to hug her son after his high school graduation.

In a video, TikTok user Maryann Trainer revealed that she was put on the back burner when it came to celebrating her son's achievement after she was regarded as an afterthought by "the other woman." While Trainer admitted that she tried to let the entire situation go, the entire incident has been on her mind.


She was forced to wait to hug her son at his graduation after her ex-husband's girlfriend grabbed him first.

"It was a disaster. I was supposed to meet my ex-husband and his new woman yesterday at my son's graduation. Mind you, they had my kids for Mother's Day, I let it go," Trainer said in her video. "I really had a hard time letting this whole situation go, it was a disaster."

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tiktok mom has to wait to hug son after her ex-husband's girlfriend grabbed him first


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Trainer continued, saying that she had been ready to meet her ex-husband's new girlfriend at her son's high school graduation, and even thank her for being a good figure in her children's lives. She made sure to clarify that her issue wasn't with the new woman in her ex-husband's life, but with him in particular.

She claimed that once the ceremony had started, she beckoned her ex-husband and his girlfriend to come to sit with her and the rest of their family, but he refused and opted to sit somewhere else, which told Trainer that he didn't want to be near her at all.

"In the end, no big deal. My boy graduates, I'm so proud, it's all about him. I'm running out to the field, I'm trying to find him [and] I can't," Trainer continued. She had been extremely happy to find her son and hug him, especially with her having been in the military and being forced to move around a whole bunch while also homeschooling her children. 


Eventually, she manages to find her son in the sea of people, but the sight of him already hugging his father's girlfriend stunned her. "I look, and he's got his arms around her and his dad, which is fine. I found myself standing in line waiting to embrace my boy because he was with her."

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Trainer said she had to stand and wait for them to finish taking photos together before she could be with her son.

While she was waiting, Trainer noticed that her ex-husband and his girlfriend were having a photo shoot with her son, and she was forced to stand on the side until they were done. 


"I couldn't believe it, it was so much to process and comprehend all at the same time," she recalled. "I just stood there just waiting politely, like go ahead, take your time. I just wanted to hug him and tell him how proud I was that he graduated."

During the entire ordeal, Trainer noticed that neither her ex-husband nor his girlfriend said anything to her. He didn't even introduce the two women to each other, and after they were all done taking photos, they simply walked away and left Trainer to have her moment with her son.

"I was left there standing in the middle of this football field. It felt like everything went quiet and my son was like, 'Hey, Mom. Come on, it's your turn now,'" she continued, noting that in her head, she didn't think she needed a turn, but should've been the first person to be with him since she was his mother.

"It was hard," she pointed out. "My son had a wonderful time, we had a great party and I let it go. But guys, I woke up this morning [thinking] it's just not fair." 


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In the comments section, people expressed praise for how Trainer handled the situation.

"I’m so proud of the way you handled it, putting your son first no matter your feelings. That’s true love," one TikTok user wrote.

Another user pointed out that as the girlfriend of a husband with a child and an active mom in that child's life, she would never have done that. "As a mom [first] & newly a bonus mom, I’d NEVER grab them [first] if they came over. I’d send them to their mom first. She deserves these moments first."


"But here’s the important thing. Your hug means [ten times] as much. Let him hug the world. Not a disaster.. he is so loved. You’re never [second] you’re [the] mom," a third user reassured Trainer.

Co-parenting on its own is a challenging avenue to navigate, and with the introduction of a new partner, it can cause even more complexity to a situation. It's important that when navigating these difficulties, co-parents continue to prioritize the well-being of their children, maintain open and respectful communication, and seek professional advice if needed.

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