Mom Goes To A Skate Park & Is Surprised By Her Biological Son Who She Hasn't Seen In 18 Years — 'Hey, Mom! Watch Me!'

They've both been waiting for this moment since they had no choice but to separate.

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When a woman had no choice but to give up her three children so they could have the best lives possible, she never thought she would be reunited with all of them at once nearly two decades later. 

In a video that is melting hearts across the Internet, the mother is overcome with joy at her dream finally coming true. 

The mother is reunited with her long-lost son whom she gave up in foster care 18 years earlier at a skatepark. 

22-year-old Jeremy Hudson often thought about his biological family after he was adopted at a young age. His biological mother, Carmen Santiago, experienced financial hardships which ultimately forced her to give up Jeremy and her older two children. 


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Her daughter Sophia Williams was sent to live with her biological father. Her daughter Tara Hammock was placed into foster care and adopted by family friends. Jeremy was also placed into foster care and later adopted. 

“She was trying to hold onto me for as long as she could but she knew that I could probably have a better family to grow up with and I wouldn’t have to deal with all the moving around,” Jeremy told Happily News. 

“She wanted to give me to somebody that was gonna take good care of me.” 


Luckily, Jeremy was adopted by a family who took good care of him, and a family who was always open with him about his biological family. 

“It was always a burden on my heart. I wish I could go see them,” he says. “I searched and searched and I just could not find them.” 

One day, Jeremy’s mother was able to find the name of his sister Sophia’s biological father, which ultimately led to him discovering Sophia on Facebook. He was also able to find his other sister Tara on the platform, and the three of them finally connected after years of separation. 

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Since all three siblings lived in Georgia, they decided to meet up in person at a skatepark in Douglasville. However, there was still one significant member of their family who was still missing. 

The trio decided to surprise their biological mother by having the sisters invite her to the skatepark so that she could see all three of her children together, and her only son whom she hadn’t seen in 18 years. 

Tara recorded the emotional moment Carmen gazed at Jeremy riding a skateboard along a ramp as he shouted, “Hey, Mom! Watch me!” 

It takes the woman a few moments to register that it is her biological son who is approaching her on a skateboard. “Oh my God, you’re beautiful!” she exclaims as she pulls him into an embrace. 


“It was like a dream,” Jeremy says of the long-awaited moment. “Even my mom kept saying, ‘This can’t be real!’” 

Jeremy and his sisters praised Carmen’s selflessness to give them a better life than the one she could provide for them, despite how difficult the decision must have been for her. “It takes a special woman to sign her rights away for her children to have a better life that she could not provide for them at the time,” Tara said of her biological mother. 

The three have been in contact ever since their meeting at the skatepark and plan on being in each other’s lives from here on out. 


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