Mom Stitches Her Baby's Onesie Leg Fabrics Together To Stop Her From Climbing Out Of Her Crib But Some People Called It Dangerous

This temporary solution has caused many parents to lash out at the mom for her parenting decision.

Mom stitches baby's onesie TikTok TikTok

Every parent’s number one priority is their child's safety, and this number one priority can be a full-time job when that child is very young — much like the toddler in one mom’s video that received a lot of backlash online after it went viral.

The video, posted by a mom named Erin Hayes (@erinnoelhayes) on TikTok, provided a simple solution to a major problem — toddlers climbing out of their cribs.


The mom stitches her baby's onesie leg fabrics together to stop her from climbing out of the crib.

“Y’ALL this works!” she captioned the video, posted on May 20, 2023. In the overlaid text inside of the video, she wrote “Sew fabric between the legs of a onesie to prevent toddler from climbing out,” and in the video, she shows off her creation that will do exactly that.

The short, 33-second video then shows a very distressed toddler holding a cup inside her crib, trying to get out of her prison. She repeatedly tries lifting her legs to no avail as a pink fabric sewn between the toddler’s legs prevents her from raising it any higher than a few inches off the ground.


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The toddler, aware that they’re being constricted from lifting their legs and not able to climb out of the crib, is hysterically crying while looking at her mom who is recording her from the other side of the phone.

Many parents in the comments were actually very agreeable, despite the distressed toddler, even making jokes about the situation.


“Your child’s about to have the strongest hip abductors of any toddler,” wrote one person. “This is smart because it’s actually so dangerous when a child isn’t ready for a toddler bed but starts trying to climb out of the crib,” explained another.

A third wrote, “Kids be SO mad when you save them from themselves,” but there were many parents in the comments that were also mad, with one quite honestly writing “Mad but safe!”

Many people wrote that this felt claustrophobic for them, and someone even claimed that it was “abuse,” but other parents defended her actions, asking others to think about how hurt the child could have gotten had they been able to climb out.

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Erin responded to the angry parents explaining why she stitches her baby’s onesie.

“This is very temporary,” she explains. “I’m currently living with my parents for about another month — I’m moving into an apartment. Right now? They don’t have a whole room for her.”

Since their living situation isn’t exactly ideal, her daughter is sleeping in her parent’s room, where she has already escaped her crib before and knocked everything down in the room, and caused a ruckus, endangering herself in the process. 

“I can’t practice putting her in a toddler bed because it’s not safe,” she says. A toddler bed, very similar to a regular bed, simply has rails to safeguard the child from falling out too easily while still allowing them to climb out in a much safer manner.


In response to the people who claimed Erin was “stunting” her growth and climbing ability, she reveals that her daughter climbs all the time. “She’s very good at it, and I let her fall when I know it’s going to be safe.”

Until she’s able to move into her new apartment and her living situation improves, this is her temporary solution, and one that seems to be working for her and her toddler.

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