A Grandma Saved Jars Of Pennies For Years To Buy Her Granddaughter A Prom Dress

Never underestimate the power of saving coins.

Grandma counts jar of pennies she saved to buy her granddaughter's prom dress TikTok

Saving spare change for a special occasion splurge is a great idea. Some prefer to use saved change for vacations as a way to avoid using their credit card. Others have special rules for what type of change they save, such as setting aside every $5 bill they come across.

All in all, it’s a great idea and can quickly add up to more than you would expect, which one granddaughter discovered after her grandma converted the pennies she had saved into cash.


A grandma saved pennies for four years to buy her granddaughter a prom dress.

The granddaughter, Jayden, shared the moment the two counted up her change to TikTok which quickly reached 31.1M views. She explains that her grandmother started saving pennies when she started high school to use towards her senior prom dress.

Photo: TikTok


The video shows the two’s trip to the bank, where they pour the jars full of change into a coin-counting machine. All the while, Jayden is doting on how wholesome her grandma is (we all are too). Though Jayden and her grandma had some trouble with the machine getting clogged, everything worked out fine, and they discovered that she had collected 35,700 pennies.

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Jayden and her grandmother left the bank with $340, which was more than enough to purchase the dress.

Jayden explains in a follow-up video that the total of the pennies was $357, but they left with around $340 because the bank they used took 5%. In an additional TikTok, she debuted her beautiful seafoam green prom dress.


Photo: TikTok

Once Jayden’s video gained a million views, her grandma took notice of her newfound fame, and showed her playful nature by texting her granddaughter, “Apparently you made me tick tock famous.” Though she didn't quite get the spelling of the app right, she sure made a mark on the hearts of all who saw the video. Saving pennies with her granddaughter’s senior prom in mind was very generous and kind-hearted, and Jayden’s grandmother deserves all the recognition for such a beautiful act of love.

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Everyone who saw the video thought it was adorable, and shared stories about their grandparents saving change.

“tell your grandma how much everyone loves her,” wrote one user. “She’s our grandma now,” another writes.

“My grandma used to save coins for me,” writes a third. “She died last summer & I still have the last quarters she gave me in a jar.” A fourth user added, “My grandma has been saving pennies since I was born so I was able to afford college. She’s the only reason I made it there."

Another person claimed, “This will be me as a grandma," writing, "I swear everyone underestimates saving coins.”


The story of Jayden’s grandma saving jars of pennies is a beautiful demonstration of the power of saving and the love between generations.

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