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Mom Shares Her Horror After Overhearing Her Baby's Toy Making Inappropriate Jokes About Priests & Crimes

Photo: TikTok
Ashley Lynn

A mom was left enraged after a children's toy meant for her young son turned out to be the opposite of what she thought.

The outraged mother, Ashley Lynn, took to TikTok to spread awareness about a children's toy bought at Walmart that was clearly not meant for children to be playing with.

“I was just coming on here because I need TikTok to do its thing,” Lynn said in the video she shared on the platform on Christmas Day.

The children's toy makes a joke about 'drive-by shootings.'

The toy, which was a colorful pretend TV remote control made by the Linsay toy company, appeared innocuous enough and had been a gift for Lynn's nine-month-old son from her grandmother.

"We put batteries in it, give it to my son. Not paying any attention," Lynn explained. "He's going to town chewing on it, pressing the buttons, we don't notice anything."

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However, while Lynn's mother is in the room with the young boy as he's playing with the toy, she heard the toy, which said on the box that it told jokes, make a rather inappropriate quip about a "drive-by shooting."

Lynn recalled her reaction, saying, "I'm like, there's no way."

She then proceeds to click a few buttons on the toy TV remote, trying to find the exact "joke" to show viewers.

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As Lynn pressed the buttons on the toy, it starts reciting back the improper jokes.

"How many Catholic priests are required to screw a lightbulb into its socket? Two, one to do the screwing and one to hear the confession."

As Lynn pressed more buttons, the toy quickly blurted out another equally inappropriate joke, this time about a shooting.

"You'll never guess what makes a clip clop, clip clop, bang bang, clip clop, clip clop, bang bang?" the toy asked. "An Amish drive-by shooting."

Lynn, flabbergasted, questioned how Walmart was able to sell such an unsuitable toy clearly marketed toward children.

"What, what! A kids' toy. There's a baby on the box," she pointed out. "Sold at Walmart. Walmart, explain this!"

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Lynn was eventually able to get in contact with the toy manufacturer and it was pulled from shelves.

In a follow-up video, Lynn provided more details about what happened after she got in contact with the toy company selling the faux TV remote control.

"I emailed Linsay toy brand and pretty much just said, 'Hey, my son got this for Christmas. Here's a picture of the toy, it's extremely inappropriate. What are you going to do about it?'"



Shortly after sending the email, Lynn confirmed that she received a "very timely" response, had opened an investigation, and would stop selling the toy immediately.

After reading the company's response, Lynn took it upon herself to check and noticed that the toy had been removed from Walmart, Lowe's, Macy's, Office Depot, and the military exchange.

"To my knowledge, this is done being sold," she said.

Under Lynn's videos, users reacted to the horrifying jokes the children's toy had been making.

"Whaaat??? It is for babies!! It is supposed to tell them numbers, colors, and shapes," one user wrote.

Another user added, "Kids repeat everything, so you have every right to be mad."

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