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Mom Praised For 'Genius' Hack She Uses To Prevent Arguments With Her Teen Daughter

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A mom is receiving a slew of praise after sharing a parenting hack she swears by and uses on her teenage daughter.

In a TikTok video, Jenny posted a short clip showing off a clever hack that she uses to avoid confrontations with her daughter, and it turns out to be quite relatable to many others.

Mom shares the 'genius' hack she uses to prevent arguments with her teenage daughter.

In a video that has garnered well over 9 million views, Jenny credited a tool that she uses as the solution to avoiding arguments with her daughter, and it involves a hairbrush.

"I am not one to give parenting advice," she began. "But I just have to say that out of everything I've ever done for my teen daughter and my sanity…this was the smartest decision I made five years ago."

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In the clip, Jenny filmed herself opening a drawer in her bathroom, revealing a hairbrush that is attached to a cord secured on the outside handle, preventing it from ever going missing or being taken outside of the room.

"Who knew most arguments in the morning could be solved [by] knowing exactly where a hairbrush is ... I did, that’s who!" the caption of Jenny's video read.

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TikTok commenters praised Jenny for her useful parenting hack.

Users flocked to Jenny's comment section, where they praised the mom for her clever hack.

"So the solution isn't buying 10+ hairbrushes, distributing them all over the house, and buying more each month when all of the other ones have gone missing?" one user jokingly quipped.

A second user wrote, "I have bought my daughter five brushes. she now comes and steals mine. I might chain that to the sink."

Another user added, "I would need a way to secure my eyeliner in my makeup bag from my daughter!!!"

Other users shared stories of their parents doing the same thing and admitted that it was a rather useful idea.

"My mum always tied ours to the cupboard handle. She also had a hallway mirror with a brush tied so we didn’t fight in the bathroom," a third user chimed in.

A fourth user revealed that they used this same tactic on their sister to prevent her from stealing their hairbrush.

"I literally did the exact same thing to my hairbrush because my sister would always steal it and [lose] it."

A fifth user shared that their mom used this hack on them, but it ultimately backfired.

"One time I accidentally took the brush to school and my mum used the cat brush on her hair."

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