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Single Mom Shares That She Couldn't Afford To Give Daughter Christmas — So Her Dad Drove 15 Hours To Surprise Her

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Co-parenting is a difficult task, but it essentially all comes down to making decisions that are best for the children of the parents. 

One single mother portrayed a bittersweet moment of co-parenting when her ex-boyfriend surprised their daughter for Christmas. 

The single mom shared that she and her ex ‘couldn’t afford’ to give their daughter Christmas. 

Money can be especially tight around the holidays and it can be challenging to make all of your children’s Christmas wishes comes true. 

One set of parents, unfortunately, could not afford to meet all of their seven-year-old daughter’s Christmas requests due to financial stress. 

However, they were determined to grant her the best holiday they possibly could. 

In a TikTok video that has garnered over one million likes, user @queennetayy revealed that her ex-boyfriend gifted their daughter with the sweetest Christmas present. 

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He drove 15 hours to surprise the little girl. 

The tear-jerking video opens with the father exiting his car after the long trip and heading up to the front door. 



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“He drove over 15 hours to get her for Christmas break,” the woman wrote in a textbox over the video. 

“He promised he was going to get her for Christmas even though neither one of us had the money to make it happen.” 

The father approaches his daughter’s bedroom door as her mother gives him the okay to head in. 

His daughter is fast asleep in her bed as her dad walks in and turns on the lights. He kneels down to gently shake her awake. 

At first, the girl appears to be confused as her eyes open and adjust to the light. However, it doesn’t take long for her to recognize her father’s face and burst into tears over the realization of the surprise. 

“Dad!” she says excitedly as he pulls her in for a hug. The father and daughter embrace for a few moments, and the girl cannot seem to stop smiling! 

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“Co-parenting at its finest,” the woman added. “It’s about the child, not the money.” 

TikTok users praised the woman and her ex for making it work for their daughter’s sake. 

“I promise she will remember this once she gets older. This is the only thing that matters,” one user commented. 

“This is absolutely beautiful!!! This truly defines commitment & co-parenting,” another user pointed out. 

“The sweetest! Good job Mom and Dad! I wish more people realized that it’s about the child, not the money! Yall are doing amazing,” another user added. 

“I promise seeing her dad was all she really wanted and needed,” another user wrote. “Merry Christmas!” 

While the woman and her ex-boyfriend may believe that they could not afford their daughter to celebrate Christmas, this holiday will most likely go down as one of her favorites. 

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