Mom Posts Her 'Ugly' Newborn's Glow Up & Gets Called Out By Parents

People fear that she may see this when she gets older and will be insulted.

newborn baby, toddler @brittikitty / TikTok 

A social media influencer is under fire after sharing a video of what her “ugly” newborn daughter now looks like as a toddler. 

People criticized the mother for seemingly insulting her daughter’s appearance for the sake of likes and content, pointing out how it could negatively affect their children in the future. 

The mother shared a photo of her daughter as a newborn, assuming that she would be ‘ugly’ in the future. 

Popular influencer and mother, @brittikitty often posts videos of daily life with her two daughters, three-year-old Lily, and four-month-old Violet. While her videos usually depict the adorable adventures she has with her little family, one of her most recent videos is receiving a massive amount of attention for all the wrong reasons. 


In a TikTok video that has been viewed nearly 20 million times, Britt reveals a photo of her eldest daughter Lily as an infant.

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Photo: TikTok

“Who stepped on my newborn,” she captioned the video which was shared to her 16.1 million followers. 


While she appears to look like the typical newborn, the mother speculated that she “is gonna be ugly” in the future, as she writes in the text overlay of the video, which then cuts to a toddler Lily, who is adorable as ever. 

The focus on her daughter's looks — and her choice to insult her own baby — didn't sit well with TikTok users, though not everyone realized how harmful the post truly was.

Photo: TikTok


Some TikTok users found the mother’s comment to be light-hearted and even truthful. “The best glow-up ever!!” one user commented. “Some people just aren’t cute as babies,” another person pointed out. 

However, others were appalled that a mother could even say those words about her own child. “I can’t even imagine growing up and seeing my own mother posted that…it would destroy me,” one user shared. “When a kid’s parents are their first bullies,” another user noted. 



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Other parents believed that Britt was exploiting her child for views. 

Other outraged users took it upon themselves to post their own videos calling out Britt. They were concerned about her daughter’s future well-being since her mother was seemingly making commentary on the little girl’s appearance to gain more views and likes on her page, and accused her of child exploitation. 

“What type of parent posts a video like this publicly online?” TikTok user @mom.uncharted says in a video of her own. “I will tell you, parents, who are exploiting their children.” She slammed Britt and other social media influencers like her who “turn them [their children] into content and commercialize their childhood.” 



She calls on others to put a stop to this by unfollowing parents online who use their children as content. “No child deserves this to be a part of their digital footprint,” she captioned her video. “Kids are not content.” 


Even if you think your newborn appears “ugly,” it might be best to keep that particular observation to yourself to avoid hurt feelings and self-consciousness about appearance in the future. 

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