Woman Sharing The Process Of Getting A New Nose Says She Will Hate Her Kids If They're Ugly

New nose, new attitude.

woman shares nose job process TikTok

24-year-old Ryan Casey describes her TikTok account as the “public diary of an unhinged 20-something,” and unhinged is exactly how we'd describe her response to critics shaming her for getting a nose job.

Cosmetic surgery is no longer the taboo it once was but it is most definitely still divisive. The line between taking ownership of your body and succumbing to insecurities projected on you by a cruel society is still extremely. So, those who do get surgery might find themselves having to explain their choices as Casey has.


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Casey has been utilizing TikTok to document her recent rhinoplasty journey, a journey with many highs, lows, black eyes and negative comments.


In sharing the process of getting a new nose, Casey said she will 'hate her kids if they’re ugly.'

“I’m all for surgery, but I also wonder how y’all will feel towards your kids when they get your genes that you aren’t happy with,” asked someone in Casey's TikTok comments prompting a response that appears to be tongue-in-cheek.

While Casey wasn’t entirely being serious, her answer is emblematic of the deeper issue at play— a lack of radical self-acceptance and love.

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In the comments of that post, Casey explained further that she believes in bodily autonomy, claiming, “your body, your choice.” She also said that her future children “may hate my nose and love theirs, whatever makes them happy.” She also noted that “bringing imaginary children into it is weird,” which might explain her darkly humorous reaction.


Casey spoke to the concept of inheritance, both physical and emotional. She explained, “my mom also got a nose job and then told me I was beautiful and didn’t need one even though I inherited hers.”

In a later video, Casey broke down exactly why she chose to alter her appearance. “Obviously, I was really self-conscious about my nose.” She claimed to have felt “very insecure” about the prior asymmetry of her given nose, which led to her saving up money to get cosmetic surgery.

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the average price for rhinoplasty is $5,483. Yet that number doesn’t account for anesthesia, operating room facilities and other related expenses, not to mention the cost of a long recovery. ”

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Casey continued, explaining her reasoning behind getting a nose job. She said, “If I thought it looked fugly in a video or TikTok or picture, I would delete it. So, I didn’t post anything from the angle I didn’t like.”

“We mostly wanted to keep my nose the same from the front, it’s just a little crooked, so we wanted to fix that… My three-quarter view was what I really wanted to change. I like my tip here, it has a cute little slope, but I have that bump and that bump drove me crazy.”

“And then on this side, I hate my nose from this side,” Casey said. “I don’t have the bump, but I just feel like my tip looks so weird. Something weird’s going on with it, I don’t like it.” 


“My profile pretty much looks the same on both sides,” she said, noting that the surgeon “was just going to clean it up, make it a little smoother and sleeker. No big changes.”

Of her new nose, she said, it’s “just a little smoother and more symmetrical… it’s still really swollen but I am so happy with it so far.”

Everyone should be granted the right to make their own choices about their own bodies. Yet changing how we appear from the outside doesn’t fully remove whatever insecurities we may have. All it changes is how people see you, not how you see yourself. 


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