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Woman Destroys Airport Kiosk After Losing Her Children & Missing Her Flight

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We all know that traveling around the holidays is one of the most taxing experiences. Luggage needs to be packed, kids need to be rounded up, and sticking to a schedule to ensure you make your flight on time is especially challenging. 

One woman traveling from Miami to New York learned this and decided to take her emotions out on a piece of airport equipment. 

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The woman destroyed an airport kiosk after she reportedly lost her children at the airport and missed her flight. 

The woman, later identified as 25-year-old Camila McMillie from Birmingham, Alabama was flying to New York City with a layover in Miami. Shortly before boarding her connecting flight, McMillie’s children went to the restroom. 

After waiting for them to return for an extended period of time, the gate agents had no choice but no close the doors so that the flight could take off on time. 

After missing her flight, McMillie became enraged and started destroying the Kiosk beyond the gate agent's desk. 

Her reaction was captured from nearly every angle you could imagine by onlookers and posted to social media platforms including TikTok and Twitter. 

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The footage depicts McMillie hurling a computer at an airline worker and tearing items off of a counter, including a Kiosk used to read boarding passes. 

She is hollering at the gate agents and fellow passengers who are recording her, demanding that they “find her kids.” 

The distressed mother can be heard saying, “find my kids, bro” in various clips. 

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One clip displays McMillie chasing a gate agent down the jet bridge, knocking over a wheelchair and suitcase on her way back. 

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Bystanders attempt to calm her down to no avail until police eventually arrive to bring McMille into custody. 

According to witnesses, it took security over 20 minutes to arrive and control the situation. 



She was detained by US Customs and Border Patrol before being transported into local police custody. 

She was charged with aggravated battery, criminal mischief, and disorderly conduct. 

According to an arrest report obtained by The New York Post, McMille caused $10,000 in damages. 

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Some Internet users criticized McMillie’s behavior. 

“Throwing a violent tantrum is not a valid response, it is a criminal offense,” one TikTok user commented. ‘

“Some people really do embarrass themselves!” another user wrote. 

“No fly list for life!” another user added. 

However, others had sympathy for the woman, clearly in a panic that she misplaced her children. 

“Y’all are only seeing it from the angle you want to other than the mother that’s in distress and panicking because she can’t find her kids,” one user pointed out. 

“You don’t know what happened and you don’t know that lady,” another user shared. 

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