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Mom Shares What Happened After Leaving Her Toddler Alone With Her Brand New Couch But Gets Called Out For Not Watching Her Kid

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Mom shares her toddler's mess

It is no secret that toddlers are professional mess makers. Even turning your back for just a second can result in them tearing apart your home, breaking furniture, and smearing food in every crevice of every room. 

One mother proved just how messy toddlers can be after sharing a video of what her son did to her brand-new couch in just a short period of time. However, others are not too sure if he is entirely to blame. 

The toddler smeared chocolate cake all over his mother’s brand-new couch before falling asleep in his mess. 

In a TikTok video that gained a whopping 41.5 million views, the displays the aftermath of her toddler son, Ryan, getting into some chocolate cake in the refrigerator and bringing it onto the couch. In his process of getting into the cake, he destroyed most of the items in the fridge and left them scattered all over the floor. 

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The mom continues over to the living room, where Ryan is dozing off on the couch, which is stained with chocolate cake that is all over his face and clothes as well. “This sofa is not even two months old!” she wrote in the text overlay of the video. By the looks of the damage the floors and couch suffered, it appears that she will have to dedicate a lengthy amount of time cleaning them. 

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The mom was slammed for leaving her toddler alone. 

While the video was intended to be a hilarious reminder to keep young children away from new furniture, many people criticized the mother since she appeared to leave her son unsupervised for an extended period of time. 

“Where were the parents? This didn't happen in five minutes,” one TikTok user commented. “Somebody was not watching their child!” another user wrote. 

Others pointed out that the young boy could have gotten himself into something much more dangerous than chocolate cake. 

“Thank God he didn't get into any cleaning supplies or something poisonous while he was being unattended,” another user 

“I mean how long was he alone!!! And also you as the parent should know at this stage your home should be baby proofed,” another user pointed out. 

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However, others noted how fast and unpredictable toddlers can be, even if left alone for just a few moments. “Any kid could do this and be napping in the time it takes to go a number two,” one user commented. “Trust me toddlers are quicker than an Aldi cashier.” 

“I have four kids and believe me when I had three under three you take your eyes off one for a minute and it's like you have been burglarized,” another user shared. 

Thankfully, the mother was able to save her couch for the most part and get her toddler cleaned up. “Happy toddler & somewhat clean sofa,” she shared in a follow-up video, showing off her good-as-new couch and little Ryan sitting happily and calmly on it in a clean outfit. 



In another follow-up video, the mother demonstrated just how quickly her toddler could jump from one thing to another, filming him leaping up and down on the couch with pillows tossed onto the floor just two minutes later. “I can’t win! Kids will be kids. Let it be,” she captioned her video, seemingly taking a jab at those accusing her of failing to look after her child. 

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Being a mom can be a challenging and demanding role, and for many moms, the experience can be overwhelming and exhausting, especially with young children who can disappear on their own little adventures in a matter of seconds. It is nearly impossible to keep an eye on them at all times.  

Even if Ryan was left unsupervised for a few moments, it is clear that he is one happy and loved little boy!  

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