A Mom Recorded Herself 'About To Swing' At Her Toddler Who Hit Her & A Parenting Expert Is Praising Her Response

The mom fights the initial reaction she has to hit her toddler back.

Mom's TikTok of her reaction to toddler hitting her TikTok

As a parent, it’s not uncommon to experience moments where your toddler hits or lashes out at you. While it may be easy to react with frustration or anger, adopting a gentle parenting approach can help both you and your child navigate stressful situations in a positive way.

When a mom posted a video of her toddler hitting her on TikTok, many people saw this as a teachable moment to explain how you can use gentle parenting as a response.


Parenting coach Marcela Collier explains how to use gentle parenting when your toddler hits you in the face.

The video which generated over 24 million views, was captioned, “When you’re about to swing back but remember they’re just a baby.” The mom reacts to her son hitting her by entering her fight response and raising her hand, then catching herself.

Collier explains that the mom, Crystal, had a natural reaction to being hit in the face — and she wasn't alone in her initial response. Many parents agree that they have found themselves frustrated in similar situations.

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"I [have] been there before and I had to put my son down and walk away from him cuz I instantly had to give myself a breather," wrote one user after watching the video.

"Omg my kids test my hood all the time," wrote another.

"That's how you know you're working on it, especially if you've grown up in violent environments it's hard because it's a natural reaction sadly," said a third.


While Crystal did a great job using gentle parenting by managing the urge to immediately hit back, Collier advises to follow up with replacement behavior to model how to get mom’s attention in the future.

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Modeling replacement behaviors can teach your child healthier and more effective ways to get your attention.

It's important to remember that hitting is a normal part of a toddler's development. Since toddlers are still learning to express themselves and manage their emotions, hitting is normally a result of not having the words or skills to communicate what they need effectively.

Instead of punishing your child for hitting, try to understand the underlying cause of their behavior and encourage them to verbalize their emotions. In this case, the toddler wanted his mom’s attention, which is why he turned to her and smiled after he hit her.


Collier mentions that child replacement behaviors can also help teach your child a more effective way of getting your attention, such as taking their hand, putting it up to your cheek gently, and explaining “This is mommy, this is how you touch mommy.”

Gentle parenting is all about creating a nurturing environment for your child, while also setting clear boundaries and expectations.

By remaining calm and responding with empathy and understanding when your child hits you, you are helping your child develop important social and emotional skills. 

Adopting a gentle parenting approach can help in navigating these challenging moments, building a positive relationship with your child, and teaching them boundaries that they will carry into future relationships.


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