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Woman Buys A House & Finds Previous Owner's 10-Year-Old Dog Tied To A Tree — After Reading Her Contract She Learned She'd Gained 2 New Pets

Photo: TikTok
Woman buys new home and finds previous owner's dog tied to tree

Unless items have been negotiated in the home purchasing process, the general rule is that sellers are expected to take their belongings with them when they move out. While it’s not uncommon to leave behind a few items, whatever is abandoned becomes the new homeowner’s responsibility.

One woman revealed in a TikTok a fairly unusual housewarming gift from the previous owners of her new house.

The seller left behind a dog and a cat for the new owners.

"The people that sold our house to us left behind the 10yr old dog they had since it was a puppy," April explained in the caption of the tear-jerking video. "I was so stressed we wouldn't get the house and something bad would happen to her."

In the TikTok video which amassed over 19.6 million views, April walks through the backyard to a lonesome tree where her new dog Molly is chained up. “We are going to make her life so good,” she promises. She will never be left all alone tied to a tree.”

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Heartbroken comments poured in after people saw April’s video. “That’s so sad,” writes one user. “I can imagine the dog thinking ‘was I a bad dog?’ ‘was I not good enough?”’

People were appalled that someone could leave behind a pet they have had for ten years, and many thought the previous owners should face consequences for abandoning Molly.

“I think it should be a nationwide thing that animal abuse and abandonment should come with charges on the original owners,” writes another.

The previous owners specified in the contract that they wanted to keep their bees and chickens, but not their other pets.

April posted a follow-up video after one commenter asked if she had been able to contact the previous owners. She explained that they just didn’t want her and that the contract said the new owners could keep her.

The contract included a list of things that were not included in the home purchase: a tractor, a bee hive, bees, a barn wood shelf, and a chicken. Yet the sellers wrote, “Dog and cat can stay if desired.”



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“We couldn’t believe someone would just treat her like property,” writes April. “But she’s better off. She’s gonna have a great life!!! We love her!! Their loss our gain!!”

The cat was skittish and took April a few days to find, but she has warmed up to her new owner now and receives plenty of head rubs.

Now, Molly is living her best life and will never feel unloved again.

Molly is now showered in love not only by her new owners — but by her TikTok family — who have sent tons of treats, toys, and even outfits to her home.

April’s TikTok account has turned into a diary of Molly’s new life which includes vet visits, bathtimes, car rides, and more.



Instead of seeing a left-behind dog as a burden, or someone else’s problem, they saw her as a blessing. Her new family is overjoyed to have her, and she is now a very spoiled indoor dog.

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