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Mom Shares Her Hair & Makeup Routine While In Labor Because She 'Wanted To Look Good In Photos'

Photo: TikTok
TikTok makeover mom in labor

Giving birth to a baby is one of the most momentous occasions in a person’s life — and it’s hard work.

One woman wanted to look her best on that very special day, so she made sure to go glam before giving birth to her baby.

A mom shared her hair and makeup routine while in labor because she ‘wanted to look good in photos.’

Carly Temple gave birth to her second baby in 2020 at Baptist Hospital in Mississippi. 

Before she welcomed her little one into the world, Temple did her hair and put on a full face of makeup.

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Temple shared her beauty routine on TikTok with the caption “I really gave birth like this.”

She captured herself on camera sitting in her hospital bed with an IV, straightening her hair with a flat iron. Temple filmed her labor look at 4 centimeters dilated wearing shimmery eyeshadow, false lashes, and lipstick. 

A still photo shared as part of her post shows another woman fixing her hair during labor.

Many commenters were supportive of Temple’s labor-day beauty routine.

“Powerful legend,” praised one commenter, while another said “Like a queen.”

“First impressions are a big deal!” joked one TikTok user.

“Gotta do something when you’re waiting for the baby to come instead of sit in the bed in pain the whole time,” a third wrote.

Another mom commented that “I did my makeup before the hospital and when contractions started I just ripped my lashes off and all my makeup was ruined with sweat and tears,” offering a valid perspective on the intensity of labor.

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But some commenters criticized Temple for doing her hair and makeup while in labor.

“When you care more about your vanity than your child,” said one user. 

Temple responded directly to the cutting comment, stating, “I was in labor 17 hours. Clearly my makeup was done prior to having my child.”

Further down in the comment thread, Temple clarified, “I was bored. In labor for 17 hours. I’m a hairstylist and makeup artist so this was very therapeutic for me.”

“She wanted to feel good while in labor and she looked amazing. Whatever makes her happiest,” said another supportive commenter, making a strong point that Temple has autonomy over her body and appearance, and can do what she wants with both.

In 2022, Temple shared another video of her getting ready for baby number three — this time, with a full salon makeover.



Captioned “pre-baby prep,” Temple recorded herself getting a manicure and having her hair dyed.

Hair dye is considered safe during pregnancy, although there is a lack of evidence on the subject.

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She also shows footage of the waiting room at The European Wax Center, where she presumably utilized their services.

The video ends with Temple and her newly-highlighted hair, in full makeup, in a hospital bed.

She shared another post, captioned “baby day,” in which she gets ready to go to the hospital to give birth.



She’s seen doing her hair and makeup at home, and then arriving at the hospital fully made up.

Temple ends the video with a shot of herself holding her newborn baby, looking content.

People might not agree with her decision to focus so intently on her physical appearance while in labor, but the argument could be made that self-care is valuable, and this form of self-care ritual clearly makes Temple feel good about herself.

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