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Mom Gets A Call From Her Daughter's School To Say She's Been Leaving With A 'Strange Man' Everyday Without Her Knowing

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It's every parent's worst nightmare to get a call that something terrible might've happened to their child.

That was the reality for Shanta, who in a TikTok video, said that she had received an urgent call from her daughter's school about her daughter interacting with, what they assumed, was a complete stranger.

However, when Shanta discovered the truth, it ended up being more comical than concerning.

Shanta's daughter's school told her that her child's been leaving with a 'strange man' every day without her knowing.

In Shanta's video, she explained that she'd gotten a call from her daughter's school that immediately caused her to worry.

School administrators had told her that her daughter was routinely leaving the school at the end of the day with a "strange man," who was not her dad or any other male family members.

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"I was trembling, I mean, my heart was just beating outside of my chest," Shanta recalled.

Shanta continued, saying that she's constantly told her daughter's school that if she's leaving with someone who isn't in her immediate family, they should promptly contact her.

"They described this man, they said he was tall, stubby, looked like he was out of shape, his hair was fragile, he had a light mustache," she added, noting that during the entire incident, she was "shaking" with fear.

She asked her daughter's school if they had any proof of the man she was leaving school with, and they sent over images taken of her daughter and the stranger.

"My heart started beating, I started whimpering, I was shocked."

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Upon seeing the photos though, Shanta was taken aback after realizing that the strange man the school had described was actually just her without her wig on.

"It was me without my wig," she said. "It was me, y'all."

People in the comments expressed how their worry over her daughter's safety turned to amusement at how it all ended.

"You need to sue for defamation of character and letting her leave with someone they thought was a stranger," one TikTok user joked.

Another added, "This is why they don’t want you on your phone while driving...almost drove off the road cause I was crying [with laughter]."

"This is genuinely the best video on this app and no one can tell me otherwise. She had me invested in the story," a third user chimed in.

A fourth user remarked, "I was ready to send out an Amber Alert."

"Oh no!!! This is hilarious!!! But I feel bad that they described you like that," a fifth user wrote.

A following TikTok user said, "I was ready to get in my car and help you find your baby. I am crying."

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