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Mom Reprimanded By School After Sending Extra Lunch For Her Son To Give To A Hungry Classmate

Photo: TikTok
Mom packing extra lunch TikTok

A mother on TikTok was shocked to find out that her son had gotten in trouble with the school during his lunchtime, but was even more shocked when she discovered the reason why.

She has been stuffing her son’s lunch box with extra food for some time now, and she has a good reason for doing so, which is why when the school got upset about it, she was in shock.

Her son got in trouble for giving away his extra food to help a hungry classmate.

In a video posted on TikTok on November 9, 2022, that received 1.3 million views, the mother explained the situation while she packed yet another stuffed lunchbox for her son before he went off to school.

“Would you believe I got reprimanded for sending my son to school with too much food?” she asked. “Now to me, that sounds ridiculous because if he’s hungry, he should be able to eat.”

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When put very simply, it makes absolutely no sense to cause trouble with a student and their family because they’re sending too much food to the school.

“But that’s not the reason we send all this extra food,” she adds, listing off ingredients like pudding, chips, and some snacks.

“This extra food is for a child in my son’s classroom,” she explains. “He told my son that the only time he gets to eat is at school.”

In a heartfelt move, she decided that she would start stuffing her son’s lunchbox in order for her son to give the boy some more food to eat.

However, judging by the school’s reaction, she’s confused about why they would take issue with it.

“Why would the school stop me from giving him extra food?” she asks. “I’m sure they’re aware of the situation going on at home, and I find it absolutely f--king disgusting that my son is getting reprimanded for doing a kind deed.”

On the surface, it seems cold and heartless to try and stop her or her son from giving a hungry boy some extra food, but it doesn’t seem to phase her enough to stop.

“I’m gonna keep making this kid’s lunch, and they can kiss my a--,” she finishes the video.

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The comments criticized the school and praised the mother for her good deed.

“Schools do nothing BUT overstep their bounds nowadays,” read the top comment on the post.

“They know, but they don’t care. They think they are these kids' parents,” one user replied to the comment above. “Good for you for helping out this child, that’s amazing!”

Many of the commenters were just as confused as she was, wondering why it’s any of the school’s business what or how much they pack inside of a lunch.

“My mom used to give me extra to share,” one user revealed, “how is that any of the school’s business?”

Someone tried to make a guess at why the school would care if a child’s lunch was being packed with extra food, saying “Probably because of Covid and allergies. They don’t want to be liable?” 

“Some schools have a strict no sharing food rule.”

However, that didn’t seem reasonable enough to her, because she replied “Well if that’s the case then it should be their responsibility to make sure that child eats. If they’re still worried about Covid and allergies.”

She also explained that she had checked with her son’s teacher beforehand to make sure that she wasn’t impeding anyone’s allergies.

All in all, she’s doing a wonderful thing and setting a fantastic example for her son by helping a child in need and not listening to the school.

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