Mom Cries After Her Husband ‘Humiliated’ Her In Front Of Family She’d Never Met At Her Son’s First Birthday Party

She was left mortified and humiliated by her husband's actions. However, some believed that it was harmless.

Couple at son's first birthday, mom humiliated TikTok

A mother’s son’s first birthday party did not go as she anticipated after her husband decided to pull a prank on her shortly after singing “Happy Birthday.” She claims that the prank cost her significant memories and left her “crying like a baby.” 

However, others did not see the harm in her husband’s actions. 

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The mother was ‘humiliated’ after her husband smashed cake in her face at their son’s first birthday party. 

Cake smashes have gained popularity over the years at young children's birthday parties. The tradition consists of placing a cake in front of the baby and having them smash it with their fists, making an adorable photo opportunity. However, cake smashing is typically reserved for kids.

One woman shared how she wound up being the person covered in cake during her son’s first birthday party after her husband pranked her and wound up smashing it all over her face. 

In a TikTok video that has been viewed over 6 million times, Candie documents herself, her husband and their party guests singing “Happy Birthday” to their one-year-old son Robert, who sits in a high chair and has a cake placed in front of him. Once the song comes to an end, baby Robert isn’t too keen on smashing his cake, so his father steps in to help him and show him how it's done.


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He picks up the cake and helps himself to some frosting, before appearing to offer some to Candie. He then hovers the cake in front of her face, teasing the idea of smashing it into her. “No!” she can be heard warning her husband against it. Instead, he offers her the chance to lick some frosting off of it. However, at the last second when his wife is not expecting it, the man slams the cake into her face. 

The video ends before her reaction is captured, although according to Candie, the experience left her in tears, and she admits that she wanted to “choke” her husband at that moment.


In the caption of the video, the mother shares that she was meeting some of her family for the first time that day and wanted photographs to remember the special day. However, she knew that the photos would be ruined with cake smeared all over her. 

“I had long looked forward to our son's 1st party and the family pictures… we didn't get but one photo before I had to shower,” Candie wrote. “Not sure why he thought this was a good idea… I cried like a baby at the memories lost, the cake was even cut while I showered.” She adds that if her husband ever pulls a similar prank in the future, “he won’t live to talk about it.” 

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Some TikTok users agreed with Candie, sharing that they too would be livid if their husbands did this to them.

“Not on my baby’s first baby. It’s a big milestone for us moms too. I’m sorry,” one user commented. “Smashing cakes in people's faces stopped being funny after age 10 honestly,” another user pointed out. Others criticized Candie’s husband's abilities as a husband and father, noting that smashing the cake in his wife’s face was a “red flag” in his character


However, there were those who believed that Candie’s husband’s prank was harmless and that she may have overreacted.

“It wasn't like hard it seemed very playful,” one user commented. “Am I the only one who wouldn't be that upset?” another user wrote. Others noted that Candie already had a video of her son’s first birthday and more photos were unnecessary. 

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In a follow-up video, the mother defended herself and her husband against negative comments. 

Despite his actions, Candie claims that her husband is “not a s–tty father.” “He’s a damn good daddy,” she says. Although she was “counting down” the moment of her son’s first birthday to take pictures with family to remember the day, she reassures viewers that she has since “moved on” from the incident and had worked through it with her husband. 




Candie adds that she is a “good mother who works hard,” as her husband is also a good, hard-working parent. “At the end of the day, keep that in mind,” she encourages viewers. “You don’t know someone’s situation. Just be kind.” 

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