Mom Shares Messages From DoorDash Driver Asking If Her 15-Year-Old Daughter 'Has A Boyfriend'

He waited outside their house to see what her daughter looked like...

doordash driver flirting with woman's 15-year-old daughter TikTok

A mother was forced to take drastic measures after a DoorDash driver tried to flirt with her underage daughter through the food delivery app.

In a TikTok video, she slammed DoorDash for not doing thorough background checks on their delivery drivers after one attempted to "shoot their shot" at her daughter, who is only 15 years old.

The Mom claimed DoorDash driver attempted to hit on her 15-year-old daughter by asking if she had a boyfriend.

The teenager's mother started off her video by admitting that she was going "back and forth" on whether or not to post about the inappropriate exchange between her daughter and a DoorDash driver.


"Typically my videos are funny, or they're of the kids, or something family-friendly," Cathy, who is a mother of four, said. "This particular video, not so much."

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Cathy explained that her daughter, Caterina, who is 15, and a "very young looking 15," ordered food through DoorDash, but after the driver dropped off the food and left, her daughter noticed he had sent another message.


"'Hey Caterina, you got a boyfriend?" the driver, Jarrod wrote, followed by another message, "Sorry, you were just too cute I had to ask."

"If he was a younger kid, I would say okay, maybe he really just thought you were cute," Cathy continued. "However, there is no possible way that she was mistaken as anybody he should be hitting on."

Upon seeing the message, Cathy decided to respond to the driver directly, letting him know that her daughter was a minor and that he should not be using DoorDash as his personal dating app.

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"This is a [food] delivery service, not Tinder for pedophile behavior," Cathy wrote back to the driver, identifying herself as Caterina's mother. "Please know I have notified DoorDash as well as local authorities."


While Cathy didn't specify how old the driver was, according to DoorDash Support, anyone who wants to deliver for them has to be over 18 years old. 

While debating on whether or not she wanted to post about this incident, Cathy knew there would be comments defending the DoorDash driver since he "didn't do anything wrong."

"What if this was your kid?" Cathy asked viewers, noting that he waited outside their house to see what her underage daughter looked like.

"If he has no problem sending a message like this to someone who doesn't even look like they're 10 never mind 15, there is no doubt in my mind that he either has done or will do it again."

After filing a complaint with DoorDash, the driver was 'deactivated' as a Dasher.

In a follow-up video, Cathy gave an update on the response she received from both DoorDash and her local authorities after filing a complaint against the DoorDash driver.


"It was hours and hours of going back and forth with DoorDash, and it's actually been a couple of days of the cops trying to get information from DoorDash as well."

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She explained that the police need to get a subpoena so they can access the driver's information "because [DoorDash] needs to keep his identity safe."


"The office did reach out to the district attorney here," she continued, adding that they were told, "there was no chargeable offense."

Since the DoorDash driver didn't commit a crime, nothing can be done on the police's end, but DoorDash has since deactivated his account with them so he will no longer be allowed to deliver for them again.

While the outcome wasn't what Cathy hoped for, she still urges people to be on the lookout for "creepy" delivery drivers and to share all of the information she has provided in her videos about the specific DoorDash driver.


Cathy also shared an image of Jarrod's car that was parked outside of her house when he delivered food to her daughter, saying that "somebody out there recognizes this car."

"When that someone sees this video, they'll tell someone else," she pointed out, adding that eventually someone who knows Jarrod will see, and the necessary actions will be taken eventually. 

"I feel like more people need to be aware of this," she encouraged.

"With all the disgusting things going on in the world, we don't need people like this having another outlet."

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