Students Sent To Principal's Office & Get Their Parents Called After Ordering DoorDash Delivery To School

If only school lunch was edible.

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When a group of hungry students ordered lunch to be delivered to their school, they did not expect the principal to step in and enforce punishment on them.

In a TikTok video posted by one of the students that has garnered over 1 million views, she depicts the aftermath of the food delivery while sitting in the principal’s office. 

The girls were sent to the principal’s office and had their parents called after they Doordashed lunch during school hours. 

She and her friends all sit in silence shooting each other guilty looks as they chow down on their order from Chick-fil-A. 


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“When y’all order DoorDash to school and have to eat in front of admin and getting a phone call home,” the girl wrote in the video’s text overlay. 


“I didn’t know we can’t order DoorDash to school,” she clarified in the video’s caption. 

In a follow-up video, the students continue to eat their lunch and laugh with each other over the awkwardness of the situation as they remain in the principal’s office awaiting punishment. 

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“Guys I swear we felt like we were in detention cause we were eating in shame after getting the DoorDash,” the student added. 


TikTok users were in disbelief that the students got into trouble for ordering lunch to school. 

“I will never understand why we can’t DoorDash to school,” one user commented. 

“And what are they gonna say? “Your child’s in trouble for ordering outside food for lunch?” another user wrote. 

“Like teachers can bring in food from outside but we can’t,” another user shared.  “My dad brought me pizza they took it and took me and they didn't let me eat it or go to lunch.” 

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Other users blamed the school for not providing adequate lunch, forcing the students to order it elsewhere. 

“Well maybe if the cafeteria food was edible!!!!” one user pointed out. 


“They get mad when we don’t have the money to pay for school food but have the money to pay for actual food that’s better,” another user noted. 

“In middle school, I found a piece of plastic in my chicken nugget,” one user revealed of their school-provided lunch. I will never eat school lunch again and will order food if I have to.” 

However, other students shared that their schools have different rules and allow them to order their food or pick it up and bring it back to school property. 


Others noted that the students were lucky that their principal allowed them to at least eat their lunch rather than confiscating it from them. 

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