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Man Caught Between Girlfriend Who Wants To Live With Him & Roommates Who Refuse To Let Her Move In

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Roommates arguing with girlfriend

This man seems to be in a pickle about letting his girlfriend move in with him after she came to blows with his roommates who refuse to let her.

As his roommates don’t like his girlfriend, it seems clear that she won’t be able to move in so the guy went to Reddit to ask whether he is wrong for not telling his girlfriend earlier.

"My girlfriend had been rubbing my roommates wrong. She’s been on this zero waste kick, and it’s been an issue," he explains.

As the house belongs to one of his roommates, he probably doesn’t have a say on whether she can move in.

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“I live in a big 5 bedroom house. It belongs to one of my roommates, Mindy’s grandparents. It has a heated pool, a library, and an indoor conservatory.”

Another reason the man didn’t say anything to his girlfriend was that he assumed that when it was time for them to move in, they would just get a place of theirs.

“She’s still in student housing until June, when she graduates with a degree in political science. She casually talked about moving in with me several times. I haven’t said anything because June is six months away.”

The man was hoping they would come to some suitable arrangment before then but his plans were soon spoiled. 

His girlfriend recently argued with his roommate.

"My girlfriend bought a glass jar and said we should all use this type of soap only. Using soap in a plastic bottle is bad...She told people in the kitchen, “things are going to change when I move in.”"

To which his roommate, Mindy responded, “Mindy laughed and said, you are never moving in. Ever. My girlfriend starts well my boyfriend lives here so I will be here. Mindy points out her grandparents left her in charge of the home, and she will decides who lives here and not.”

Apparently, this wasn’t the first time they had an argument. Mindy has had a problem with his girlfriend for a while because she always makes “herself at home like it’s her place” and “overstays her welcome 99% of the time."

The man even suggested they get a place of their own.

After the argument, his girlfriend confronted him and when he suggested they get a place of their own she didn’t like it.

“I told her I thought we could get a studio and move in together, just us. At the word studio, my girlfriend got even angrier and said she wanted someplace with a pool and a nice kitchen.”  

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After the argument, she went back to her place in tears. His roommate even advised him about her. “Mindy calls my girlfriend a gold digger, and I need to wise up. Mindy says I should not have let her think she could have moved here.”

While people think the girlfriend is wrong, they're also criticizing the man.

Everyone thinks the man should have been honest from the beginning and let his girlfriend know that she wouldn’t be able to move in. 

One user commented, “you're the a-hole for making Mindy have to deal with your issue. Both with making her the bad guy in denying your gf AND allowing your gf to get in the way so much and making people uncomfortable in their own home.” 

There were also many comments berating the girlfriend for the way she was acting. One user mentioned the hypocrisy in her behavior.

“Your gf is pressed over dish soap but insists on a home with a pool? As in one of those manmade holes in the ground that uses tons of excess water for no other purpose than leisure, and requires a bunch of chemicals to keep natural things like algae from growing?”

It seems like this guy will have to sort things out with his girlfriend himself since it doesn't seem like Reddit has much sympathy for his situation.

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