Moving In Together? 3 Common Relationship Problems To Avoid

Moving In Together? 3 Common Relationship Problems To Avoid!
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Plus, the steps you need to take to resolve them!

You finally moved in together: a huge step! You've been dating for a while and you think this person might be the one, so you've joined the ranks of couples who are now moving in together before getting married. In fact, a new report showed that 48 percent of women between the ages 15 to 44 said they were not married to their spouse or partner when they first lived with them. But will you get along when you move in? Most live-in couples encounter these three problems, so be prepared and they won't derail your relationship.

Here are the top three problems couples face when they move in together:

1. Money: This one is very common issue couples struggle with and it shouldn't surprise you. Couples don't just bicker over money when they don't have it: They fight over money because they think it isn't divided fairly. One couple I have spoken with complained about not having enough money for basics like food and rent. The guy went out and bought a $70 pair of shoes and the woman was naturally upset ... until he gave her permission to buy a new, expensive purse. This is not a smart way to deal with money in a relationship.

How to fix it: Pool all of your financial assets. From the pool, withdraw just enough money for the things both of you need, such as rent, electricity, cable, groceries and the like. Invest savings into what remains and split the rest evenly between each of you. This way, neither of you will fret over not having enough to spend on necessities — and you won't feel compelled to nag your partner about his or her new impulse buy.

2. Housework: Like money, couples can feel that housework is unfairly divided when living together. In some cases, it's obvious who should do the housework. For example, one couple I know don't have kids. The woman works full-time and goes to school, but her husband has no job and plays video games all day. Yet she does all the housework. In my view, the guy in this situation should do the housework, since he doesn't have anything else to offer. He doesn't have children to take care of, doesn't bring a penny to the table and takes no actions (like going to school) to be a better provider in the future. However, most cases aren't so clear-cut. Keep reading...

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