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'She Asked Me For My Credit Score,' Man Shares Messages With Unemployed Tinder Match Who Is Prioritizing Financial Wellness

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A man was shocked after a woman he matched with on a dating app asked him for his credit score. She proceeded to tell them that she was unemployed, but does not want to end up in a “s–tty situation” with a romantic partner if they struggle financially. 

Now, people are labeling her as a “walking red flag” and urging the man not to pursue her. 

The man shared messages he exchanged with an unemployed woman inquiring about his credit score. 

Posting screenshots of the messages to the subreddit, r/Tinder, the man depicts how the woman he matched with on Tinder “dug herself into a hole.” In the first message, the woman makes her intentions in dating very clear, describing her ideal man as someone who is financially stable, and even asks the man for his credit score. 

“I don’t want a guy that is in debt and has a s—t score, [it] causes major barriers… as you’re then unstable 2 actually grow with the person,” the woman alleges. She argues a bad credit score will hinder the opportunity for her and her partner to buy a home, get married, and have children with them. 

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“I want 2 to be able 2 actually grow with a guy, not be stuck in a s—tty situation because of a guy,” the woman adds, admitting that she is “selfish.” 

Curious about her own financial situation, the man asked her what she did for work. He was shocked by her answer. According to her, she was let go from her job and has not been working since she was “at a time in her life” to be “picky” in her job search, only applying to the ones that interest her. 

“I don’t want to be settling just for any odd job just because it’s the only 1 available kinda thing,” she wrote. “I have the chance to actually find a job I want so yea I’m taking the opportunity I have 2 to be able 2 do that.” 


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The man then asks the woman what her job title was. She attempts to dodge the question and instead explains how she needed to pay off her credit card, working at a warehouse. She paid off her debt and was fired two weeks later. She now says that she has the “opportunity” to find a job that she “actually wants” and not be forced into one “just because.” 

The man does not miss his own opportunity of calling the woman out. “So you did warehouse work and spent 1000 on a credit card then got laid off and you’re the one asking me about credit score?” he messaged her. 

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Redditors praised the man and urged him not to date the woman. 

“Beautiful reply. That girl is a walking ‘nope’” one user commented. “It smells like a golddigger who wants a guy to pay for everything while she does nothing except to be a pain in the a–,” another user wrote. 

Others pointed out that people could be struggling financially while maintaining a good credit score. 

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More people on dating apps are adding their credit scores to their profiles and are claiming to have better luck. 

While the man clearly had no intention of sharing his credit score with the woman, the trend f those using dating apps who do are on the rise, and they are saying that a good credit score is earning them more dates. 

Leah Nicewater, a Florida anesthesia technician revealed in a TikTok video that she got 17 dates in just 30 days after posting a photo of her stellar 811 out of 850 credit score to her Hinge profile. 

“The boys love it,” she told Newsweek. The 24-year-old “realized it was popular when almost every single ‘like’ on my profile was directed towards my credit score photo.” 

Nicewater has started a movement, with many people claiming that they would now be adding their credit scores to their dating profiles.  "I think they should! It's funny and it's different, and I think all my girls out there should start attracting guys in unique and creative ways,” she says. “My girls have so much more to offer than selfies. So if they have good credit or good humor I think they should show it." 

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