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Woman Calls Out Guy's Tinder Profile With Insanely Detailed Height, Weight & Appearance Requirements

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When it comes to dating, everyone has their preferences. 

But there's preferences, and then there's weirdly specific and entitled demands. And for one woman on Reddit, a guy she found on Tinder definitely fell into the latter category.

In a post to the "r/Tinder" subReddit, where daters go to talk about the good and mostly bad experiences they have on the app, she shared the guy's list of requirements for women he dates.

Her Reddit post left many people shocked—and inspired no shortage of mockery as well.

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The man's Tinder profile had some hyper-specific requirements for women.

He covered his bases with everything distance from his house to height, and even body-fat percentage.

Even by today's incel-ridden, misogyny-steeped standards, this guy's profile is something else.

The man in question, named Daniel, is only willing to date women who are 5'8" or shorter and live within 10 minutes of his home in Salford, UK, for starters.

And if your body fat percentage is above a dangerously thin 8%? That's a swipe left, as is being unemployed and not owning a car.

Daniel also wants his dates to have a "Mia Khalifa baby face" or "British milf [Mom I'd Like To Fu-k] body type," whatever that means.

But even as weirdly specific as those are, they're nothing compared to his requirements his dates be nudists who enjoy "spontaneous freaky crazy seggz" and have "the ability to take d."

Oh, and he wants a woman knows "when to speak and when to shut [the fu-k up]." What a charmer! 

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Commenters tore the man's Tinder profile to shreds.

The woman who posted the profile to Reddit titled her post, "this man is a 3/10 on a good day i promise you" and asked "what gives men the confidence i have to know?"

And her fellow Redditors were right on the same page. 

One called out the guy's obviously porn-skewed view of women, writing, "'Mia Khalifa baby face or British milf body type' I’m begging please put the pornography down and pick up a fu-king hobby."

Other users agreed. One person commented, "the fact that he describes his sexual attraction...in essentially porn categories is wild and says it all really."

And some of the guy's requirements left people downright confused—especially his demands for a "British milf body type."

What even is that anyway? People on Reddit were just as confused as you likely are. As one user put it, "does the accent make it a British milf or what? I am really confused."

Not even people from the UK had a clue, with one Brit writing, "I’m British and I don’t even know what 'British MILF' would be."

But even more confusing was the Tinder dude's 8% body fat requirement, a level often pursued by male body builders and which would send most women to the hospital.

As one user cracked, "He is looking for male lightweight rowers." Another person quipped, "bro wants to date a skeleton."

Others called out Daniel's more offensive demands. As one woman put it, "Guys like this think women are like home appliances, here only to serve them."

Another responded with a question—"Okay Daniel but what do you even have to offer in return?"

One person had an answer—"emotional manipulation and likely abuse for any poor woman with low enough self-esteem to go within 100 feet of this man."

Yep, sounds about right!

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