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Little Girl Interrupts Dad's 'Job Interview' When She Hears Him Lying About Doing All The Household Chores & Waking Up Early

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Along Came Abby, TikTok job interview

A dad tried his best to put on a good front for a fake video job interview, yet was thwarted by his daughter’s strong moral compass. 

The well-meaning and well-dressed father included his young daughter, Abby, in filming a mock job interview. Sporting a tan suit and sky-blue tie, Abby’s dad claimed, “I dress like this every day as soon as I get up.”

The dad claims to have an ambitious and productive schedule, all for his daughter to interrupt him and call his bluff.

“I get up at 4 am every morning. I go for a run, and then I run for about 12 miles and then I come back. I make sure the house is all clean and tidy. I do all the dishes,” the dad says, right before Abby calls out, “Cut!”

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Abby stood up and faced her father, exclaiming, “That’s not true! That’s not true.” Her dad, keeping up the rouse, attempts to calm her down before continuing with his lies.

“So, I do all the dishes, I make sure the dogs are bathed, and that way when my wife gets up, everything is done. I’m very diligent in that,” Abby’s dad said.

Anyone watching the way Abby’s face twisted into a smile would know that her dad wasn’t exactly telling the truth. She crossed her arms over her chest before standing up and saying goodbye to her dad. When Abby called her dad out once again for not telling the truth, he pleaded with her, “Just for a minute, please.”

“You can’t lie to them!” Abby exclaimed, as her dad tried to quiet her down. Abby decided to sit back down next to her dad, who goes on with his complicated ruse. 

“So, you asked about my diet, I only eat vegetables, there’s no pizza,” stated the dad, at which point Abby started to laugh. “Come on, you eat chips and milk!” She cried out. “Come on, you eat sugar all the day.”

“I don’t eat egg sandwiches or iced tea,” her dad continued. “If I do get an order from the deli I just get water and, like, a veggie wrap or something.”

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Abby shook her head no, calling out her dad's ever-increasing web of lies.

“You asked how I met my wife,” Abby’s dad said. “I was a center fielder for the New York Yankees and I was playing one day,” he trailed off as Abby stood up and left.

Abby and her dad garnered over 800,000 likes on TikTok for their experiment in truth-telling. The majority of the 21,000 comments praised Abby for her intelligence and refusal to go against reality.

“Congrats, you are doing a great job with Abby,” said one person in the comments. “She obviously [does] not accept lies. Love her.”

“Hired,” said someone else. “It shows what kind of person you are to raise such an honest child.”

An article from Psychology Today explains that children are more likely to tell the truth “when they expect positive outcomes for truth-telling from their parents.”

The article also notes the importance of parents modeling honesty to their children. In terms of raising honest children, Psychology Today states that “parents should praise truthful behavior, even after a child has broken the rules… children are more likely to tell the truth after doing something wrong if they think they will be praised for their honesty instead of punished for their transgression.”

Abby’s dad is clearly raising her to be honest, even when it comes at his own detriment.

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