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Woman Finds Tinder Match On Police's 'Most Wanted' List For Stalking — And Finds Video Of Him Harassing Ex

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Meeting strangers on the internet never sounds like a good idea but thanks to modern dating, it's basically inevitable.

However, one woman's experience is proof that we need to proceed with caution when swiping through dating apps.

The woman realized that a man she came across on Tinder was on her local police’s most wanted list for stalking. 

In a video that has generated over 1 million likes, Adrielle Sigler shares her experience realizing that a man she saw on the popular dating app had also recently appeared on a most wanted list. 

“You know, I’m just swiping on Tinder and I find a cute guy,” Sigler says, capturing the cute guy in question’s Tinder profile on her phone. 

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According to the profile, the man is a 29-year-old named Mitch who is a Finance Manager. “Loving. Caring. Handsome. And waiting to meet the right girl,” the biography says. 

His interests include self-care, running, travel, and movies. 

Mitch’s profile appears to depict him as an ideal man. However, there is something about himself that he fails to mention — he is on the local police’s top 10 most wanted list. 

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Sigler scrolls the left on her phone, revealing her local police’s most wanted list for criminals in the area. 

Mitch’s photo is posted at the top. According to the list, he is wanted for stalking. 

Other TikTok users reacted to Sigler’s video, some even encouraging her to go on a date with him to turn him in. 

“Match with him, lure him on a date, call crime stoppers and have them meet him there and secure your bag,” one user suggested. 

“Take him on a dare and call the police,” another user recommended. 

“He wasn’t kidding that 'running' is one of his interests,” another user pointed out. 

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The man had been stalking his ex-girlfriend and their son. 

Sigler did not wind up going on a date with Mitch, but was able to discover more about his criminal activity. 

Surveillance footage of him was sent to her anoymously, and depicts him on a set of someone’s front porch steps at night, wearing a red hoodie. 

Mitch tosses what appears to be a brick through one of the windows before running away. The house he was filmed at is supposedly that of his ex-girlfriend and their son. 

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“He is terrorizing his ex and son by breaking her window at night,” Sigler wrote in a textpost over the footage. 

She displays the man’s mugshots, revealing his full name to be Mitchell Anthony Costanzo. 

“He’s been arrested 12 times in the past six months, and has been released every time. Due to New York state bail reform, he keeps getting out and continues  to terrorize his ex.” 

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