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‘The Tinder Swindler’ Reportedly Has A New Girlfriend Despite Netflix Documentary Exposing His Dating Scam

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Simon Leviev, Kate Konlin

Simon Leviev might be banned from Tinder for life but that hasn’t stopped him from finding a new girlfriend.

True crime fans who have been obsessing over Netflix’s latest documentary, “The Tinder Swindler” will be shocked to know the series hasn’t hurt Leviev’s love life.

The bombshell documentary exposed Leviev, whose real name is Shimon Hayut, as a con-man who scammed women he met on Tinder out of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

At the end of the documentary, Leviev is seen living as a free man in Israel and continuing a luxury lifestyle with a new girlfriend on his arm. 

So, where is Simon Leviev now, and who is the not-so-lucky lady he’s dating?

Who is Simon Leviev’s girlfriend?

Leviev’s rumored girlfriend who was seen in the documentary is Israeli model Kate Konlin. 

However, it appears the pair may have split since the documentary was made.

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Konlin is 24-years-old and is currently represented by Metropolitan models, according to her Instagram.

Simon Leviev posted photos of Kate Konlin before deleting social media.

According to “The Sun,” Leviev had tagged Konlin in Instagram posts and only followed her account.

However, his account appears to have been removed from the platform since the release of the documentary and it is unclear why – though we can probably assume he didn’t want any negative attention.

In December, Konlin shared an image of herself celebrating her birthday. In one photo she can be seen posing in front of what looks to be a painting of her and Leviev.

Kate Konlin spoke about dating Simon Leviev in 2021.

Konlin chatted with an Israeli magazine about her boyfriend’s criminal past.

"He did not hide anything from me, it was important to him that I know everything about him from the beginning," she said.

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Konlin said Leviev opened up about his questionable past on their first date after pursuing her on social media for months.

Kate Konlin says the allegations against Simon Leviev are “one big lie.”

The model doesn’t appear to believe a word of the Netflix documentary and claims the allegations in “The Tinder Swindler” were fabricated by “the people who wanted to bring him down."

"Listen, the sums they said he stung were equal to the gifts he buys me on Saturday," she said in another interview.

"It's absurd, why should he take a girl for tens of thousands when he spends such a sum as a matter of routine? It does not make sense."

Where is Simon Leviev now?

Leviev is currently based in Israel but seems to be keeping a low profile having deleted his social media.

Before leaving the platform, Leviev did release a statement on the Netflix documentary claiming all allegations against him were untrue.

“If I was a fraud why would I act on Netflix,” he said. “I mean they should have arrested me when we were still shooting. It’s high time the ladies start saying the truth.”

According to Konlin, Leviev is "doing very big business in real estate in Israel” and has "army of bodyguards and lawyers.”

The model went on to refer to him as "the greatest man" she "ever knew."

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