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A Man Was Fired On The Spot After Giving His 2-Week Notice—He Thanked Them For The Vacation By Returning Belongings In A Hawaiian Shirt

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A dedicated employee was given a better job opportunity after working tirelessly at his company for nearly a decade. When he went to give his two-week notice, his boss was not thrilled. 

To keep the mood light as he returned all of his work belongings, the man decided to thank the company instead of holding a grudge in the best possible way! 

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The man thanked his company for giving him a 2-week vacation after he was fired on the spot for accepting a new job. 

When resigning from your job, providing your employer with a notice two weeks in advance is not a requirement, but it is a common industry practice and considered the polite and professional way to leave a company. It provides your employer with a generous amount of time to fill your role. 

Most employers will be understanding and thank you for your time and dedication to the company. However, others won’t be so happy to see you go and make that clear. 

In a TikTok video viewed over 24 million times, Keta Bracamontes shared that her husband was fired on the spot after he gave his boss his two-week notice. 



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He had been offered a job position with better pay than his current one. The man was then asked to return all of his work belongings. Instead of angrily stomping in and out of the office, throwing his items down, and cursing out his boss, he decided to keep the mood light by thanking them for giving him an extra two weeks of vacation time before he started his new job. 

The man sported a tropical Hawaiian beach shirt as he returned his belongings. 

Bracamontes filmed her husband walking in and out of the office wearing the vibrant shirt. “My husband gave his two-week notice at his company after almost nine years,” she wrote in the text overlay of her video. “His company told him he was done on the spot, and to turn everything back in. He happily returned everything in a Hawaiian shirt.” 

“He thanked them for the two-week vacay before starting with a bigger and better company!” The wife claims that she is so proud of her husband for handling his sudden termination with grace and dignity. 

The decision to leave the company was not an easy one for the man to make. Bracamontes revealed that he “agonized” about leaving his company for days. 

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Other TikTok users supported the man’s decision and congratulated him on the new opportunity. 

“There is no better feeling than leaving a work environment that is no longer serving you. Best of luck at your new job!” one user commented. 

“He gave them nine years and they pulled a move like that? He made the right choice leaving them,” another user wrote. 

“Companies have no loyalty to their employees anymore,” another user pointed out. 

Success is the best revenge, and the man definitely proved that to himself and his company! 

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