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Manager Loses It & Threatens To Fire Employee After They Refuse To Come In And Work On Their Day Off

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Most employees, on their days off from work, expect to enjoy a day of relaxation with no plans of doing anything work-related on that day.

However, one manager decided not to adhere to the policy of personal time and texted one of their employees about possibly filling in a shift, despite them having previously called off for the day. The messages posted on Reddit elicited shocked reactions from many people, who wondered how a manager could act in such a way.

A manager berated and threatened to fire an employee after they refused to come in on their day off.

The screenshots of the messages were posted by the employee on the subreddit r/antiwork, an online forum where people can share issues happening at their jobs, and other job/work-related struggles.

In the first message, the employee received a text from their boss asking if they would be able to come in to cover the shift of their coworker who had called out sick. The manager explained that they had tried to reach the employee on their "other social media."

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"It's my day off, I won't be able to come in today. I have other plans," the employee replied. While that should've been the end of that, considering the employee rightfully has the option to say no about coming to work on a day when he's not scheduled, the manager didn't back down.

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He continued to urge the employee to reconsider, bringing up that things are "extremely busy" and the employee didn't have "an option." The employee responded that they'd come in if their "pay was doubled" and they were given another day off.

However, their manager wasn't agreeing, writing back, "We work as a team here, we'll pay you your normal rate and we will discuss how we can thank you in the future."

Not budging, the employee reiterated that he wouldn't be coming in if their terms weren't met, and even explained that they were heading into the movie theater to watch 'Batman,' so they could continue this conversation tomorrow when they came in for their scheduled shift.

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The manager quickly changed their mind and offered to pay the employee an extra $20.

After some more back-and-forth between the manager and their employee, they agreed to pay them $20 for the "inconvenience" of being called into work. However, the employee wasn't on board with that amount.

"I'm not coming over for $20 extra," they wrote back, noting that their film was soon to start and they would soon be shutting off their phone. "It's not reasonable to demand this from me."

The manager soon starts to become agitated, replying, "We expect a higher standard of behavior from you."

When the employee doesn't respond right away, the manager continues to berate them, and at one point, even threatens to fire them if they don't show up to cover the shift. 

"You ruined an opportunity here," the manager remarked in the messages. They even go as far as to look up the movie theater where the employee is seeing 'Batman,' saying that the theater isn't even showing the film that late, so there are no more excuses.

"Forget this," the manager continued after the employee doesn't respond again. "You're fired. Don't come in tomorrow. You don't show me complete disrespect and force managers to do low-level work. You can go be lazy somewhere else."

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The employee tells their manager that they're quitting.

Finally responding, the employee tells their manager they there's no use in firing them since they quit. "I've just got off the phone with my boss from my second job who's agreed to extend my hours," they tell their previous employer.

"It's my day off you nutcase. My uniform and tools will be sent to [the] head office in the post. Thanks!" 

However, while that was assumed to be the end of their message thread, their manager ended up finding the entire Reddit post and threatened to sue for "lost earnings" after the employee suddenly quit.

"You shouldn't DARE slander me on the internet,' the manager fumed. Though, the employee didn't even waste any energy, simply replying, "f-k off. Blocked."

Let this be a lesson to managers everywhere if your employee has an earned day off, you should probably honor that unless you are looking to lose out on an employee.

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