Single Mom Quits During Staff Zoom Call & Promotes Her Own Business On The Way Out—'I Sell Cups That Say Baby Daddy Tears'

She couldn't stop laughing after someone said she was actling like a high school student.

A woman recorded herself quitting a job and her co-workers' reactions. TikTok

Quitting a job you hate can be both relieving and stress-inducing. Putting in your two weeks’ notice and interacting with your bosses while you wait for your employment to end can be awkward. But not everybody is so standard with how they leave a job.

survey from Clever Real Estate found that only 22% of people put in a two-week notice. For one woman, she exited the company promptly and in a hilarious fashion.


She laughed while quitting her online job, claiming she 'just can’t take it anymore.'

Jessica Rose is a single mom influencer on the video-sharing app TikTok. Recently, she posted a recording of her quitting an online job. The video started with the job trainer, Anna, saying that another employee left early, and that’s when Jessica announced she would be doing the same.

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“I just got to be honest; I think I’m going to head out too. You’ve been great. This training class has been great...I just don’t think this job is for me, so I’m quitting,” Jessica said through laughter. 


She went on to compliment her co-workers, but it wasn’t long before several people cut her off, questioning her decision.

“Jessica, are you serious?” one person asked. There was a barrage of comments, while she just kept laughing. Some employees started to insult her. 

“That’s like a 12th grader dropping out of school,” one person said. “No, this is worse,” another added. One person called her out that she had children to provide for. But she quickly assuaged their concerns saying that she would be able to continue to provide for her children.

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Then, in a shocking move, she shouted out her Instagram and website.

“Y’all can follow me on Instagram if y’all want to,” Jessica says before cracking up some more.

But some people were upset at her. One person said they would not be following her on Instagram. And another pleaded with her to stop. Unsurprisingly, she continued and dropped her Instagram handle, @thisisjessicarose, before saying the URL of her website, Hilariously, she called on single mothers who may be listening to purchase a mug from her site. It’s a $35 clear glass mug that reads “baby daddy tears.”

“[You’re doing] an advertisement in the middle of the class,” one person exclaimed.

Jessica couldn’t help but laugh some more before reiterating to them that they should buy her mugs. Due to her comical exit, Anna questioned if she was quitting or if it was all a joke. But Jessica clapped back, assuring her that she really was leaving the job.


“I’m d-----s serious, Anna. I’m not coming back,” Jessica said. Then, everyone laughed along with Jessica after realizing her ridiculous exit was sincere. But Anna responded that she still didn’t believe her. Jessica confirmed to her again that she was truly quitting the job.

“I’m going to text the recruiter...I just want to say thank you for your time,” Jessica responded. She plugged her business one last time before ending the recording.

People in the comments applauded her 'unhinged' approach to quitting, sharing similar experiences.

“Seeing this two hours after I did the same gives me such validation,” one person wrote.

“I was in a training class that had 27 people...we all trickled out by the end of the 12 weeks,” another added.


Quitting a job in this fashion should probably only be done if you’re not expecting a reference or putting it on your resume. But Jessica’s exit was definitely hilarious and worth documenting. Hopefully, she earned some more buyers for her “baby daddy tears” mugs!

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Ethan Cotler is a writer living in Boston. He writes on entertainment and news.