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Man's Complaint About Date Who Cancelled After He Was Late Because He Took A Nap Backfires When People Take Her Side

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In modern society, many people are turning to online dating to find a potential love interest. One of the many dating apps that exist is Hinge, which has over 6 million active monthly users. However, not everyone is lucky enough to find love on the site.

One man has declared that he is fed up with online dating after a date canceled on him after informing her why he was late picking her up. 

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The man said he was ‘done with Hinge’ after his date canceled on him after he was late picking her up because he took a nap. 

In a TikTok video that garnered over 275,000 views, Tyler Hayek explained his frustrations with the dating app. Insisting that he is “done with Hinge,” he reveals a screenshot of text messages between himself and his date who canceled on him. 

After getting off work the previous day, Hayek sent a text to his date. “Hey, just got off my last call for work,” the message reads. “Getting ready and then I’ll come grab you!” His date appears to be excited and replies to his message. “Sounds good, see you then!” she writes back, adding a smiley face at the end. 



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It is unclear how much time passes between the woman’s text and Hayek’s next message, but one thing is certain, and that is that he took a nap instead of getting ready to pick her up. “Just took a quick nap, leaving here in a minute,” he wrote to her. He warns her that he may be five to ten minutes late. 

Hayek’s date was clearly not impressed by his response. “A nap? You’re too old to be taking naps,” she wrote. She then messages him canceling their date, claiming that a friend will be coming over to make food instead and that she will see him another time. 

“We can’t even take naps anymore,” Hayek says. Still, he ignored his date’s response and told her that he would be coming over for dinner anyway. By posting the video, it appeared as if he was seeking to be assured that he was not the one in the wrong in the situation. Although, the response he got depicted that many people felt the opposite.

Many TikTok users argued that his date was most likely upset since instead of getting ready to pick her up, Hayek napped. 

“The nap doesn’t bother me but the ‘getting ready to come grab you’ and then taking a nap does,” one user commented. 

“Your date wants to feel important and that you’re excited to see them. It’s not about the nap,” another user pointed out. 

“You can be done with Hinge, but you told her you were getting ready and coming to get her - that’s a you issue not a her issue,” another user wrote. 

“You were showing up late to a first date because you took a nap my man… she saw the effort level from the jump and set a boundary,” another added. 

In the comments section, Hayek clarified that he only took a nap for 10 minutes. “Got off a call at 5:15.. took a nap right after to around 5:30… got up, showered and got ready…wasn’t really late because of a 10 minute nap,” he argued. 

Still, punctuality is a significant quality in a person that many women find attractive, especially if it's the first date. While many can agree that naps are incredible and essential at times, if you’re going on your first date, you might want to skip them to arrive on time and make a good first impression! 

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