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Woman Receives Rude Message From Hinge Date After He Thinks He’s Texting His Friend

Photo: uhmeagzing/TikTok
Woman Receives Rude Message From Hinge Date After He Thinks He’s Texting His Friend

Meag, who goes by uhmeagzing on TikTok is sharing screenshots of a conversation with her Hinge match Danny, who mistakenly texted her a message meant for his friend. 

Meag made plans to meet Danny in person at a public place — for safety reasons — as their first date. He agreed and can be seen in the screenshots even making jokes about it. 

He said, “Absolutely. Totally understand. I gotta prove that I’m not going to murder you I guess.” 

The two had made plans to meet up and Meag didn’t expect to hear from him again until the scheduled time. However, not long after she received another message from Danny — but this one was not meant for her.

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And if she had any excitement about the upcoming date, that was soon ruined by the message she received. 

Her TikTok shows the message her Hinge date accidentally sent her.

Presumably thinking he was texting a friend, Danny got a little too comfortable and shared his cruel thoughts.

The text had a screenshot of Meag’s Hinge profile and Danny made fun of Meag’s appearance, not knowing he sent it to her. 

Danny wrote, “My date tmrw and do not laugh. She’s nice and got jokes but defiantly blah.” 

Meag can be seen in the video looking shocked with the texts behind her as she points her finger and sings along to “abcdefu” by GAYLE. 

Meag captioned the video “Hinge where is my refund” and tagged the company.  



Meag then cancelled her plans with Danny. 

In the comment section of the video she explained she had texted him the next day and said, “yeah I’m gonna have to pass.”

Danny then left her on read and didn’t say a word about it. This is not surprising given the fact that he was most likely embarrassed he had been called out and caught. 

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The video now has over 7.6 million views and is garnering a lot of attention in the comments. 

KatieB said, “the murder joke doesn’t sit right.” to which Meag replied, “he’s just in a silly goof homicidal mood.” People Magazine also commented about Danny’s misspelling, “not defiantly," referring to Danny's typo. 

Another user by the name of Dumb Water Bottle said, “Danny is 5’8” but tells people he’s 6’. I can feel it through the texts.” 

Surprisingly Meag commented back saying, “HIS PROFILE SAID 5’11” I knew it was a lie and you’ve confirmed it.”

Most of the comments are also on Meag’s side of course, saying she is beautiful and asking if Danny needs glasses.

Cassidy also suggested that Meag send a similar text to Danny in retaliation. 

“Send him a screenshot of it and say ‘my date tomorrow. Don’t laugh, he spells definitely ‘defiantly’ but says he won’t murder me” she said. 

Meag has since changed her bio to “defiantly blah” to commemorate the interesting experience.  

Hopefully, Meag can find a better match on Hinge, and Danny learned his lesson. 

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