Man Complains To His Wife About Not Coming Home To A 'Full Course Meal' After Working A 13-Hour Shift

After working a 13-hour shift, he was hoping to come home to a warm meal, but instead, he got into an argument with his wife.

Man confronting TikTok

After coming home from a long day at work, a hungry man entered his kitchen hoping to find a hot meal ready for his eating, but to his surprise, no food had been prepared for him.

Astounded, the man whipped his phone out and confronted his wife, seeing as he only had a few waking hours left in his day if he wanted to get a good night’s sleep, and asked her — where’s his food?

He asked her why she didn’t cook him any food while he was working a 13-hour shift.

“So you mean to tell me, I just pulled a 13-hour shift, and I ain’t got no food to come home to?” he asked his wife, who seemed to be preparing herself a snack in the kitchen. “Huh?”


Immediately, she asks him two questions: why didn’t he get something on his way home from work? And why is he always recording for his “raggedy cousin?”

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“Look, I just pulled a 13-hour shift. You being my wife, I pay all the bills here,” he exclaims, implying that the least she could do for him is prepare him a meal after working a strenuous shift. But she claims she does enough, responding by telling him that the dishes are clean and that his clothes are clean, but he doesn’t think it’s right.


“You’re eating?!” he asks her, regarding the snack she prepared for herself and started eating in front of him. “I can’t come home to a full-course meal?!” She claims that there are some leftovers that he can have from her meal last night, but he’s still not having it — his point being that he wanted her to prepare something for him while he was at work.

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“What [are] we married for? What [are] we married for?!” he asks. “I’m not your mama, I’m your wife,” she responds. Fed up with his recording, she asks if he can stop, but he continues recording, devastated by the scene in front of him and their argument.

The video continues with much of the same things being repeated, except towards the end where the husband mentions that she’s been doing this to him for the past two to three months, so clearly this has been a mounting issue that led to this kind of confrontation.




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Commenters agreed with the man and said his woes were justified.

In a not-so-shocking twist, many of the men in the comments aggressively agreed with the man, with some writing things like “She a roommate at this point,” and others saying “She needs to go.” When some of them point out the quote where she claimed she wasn’t his mom but his wife, one man said “That’s the whole point lol.” In response, another man said, “A wife would take care of her hard-working husband.”

Women, however, stepped in to defend the wife, saying “he's acting like she's not doing anything, she cleans the house and his clothes, and yet he's that mad over not being cooked [for].” Some said that they both could have communicated this differently, while someone else argued that we don’t know what else is happening behind the scenes.


According to a 2020 Gallup Poll of more than 3,000 American heterosexual couples, women were far more likely than men to lend a hand in the cooking for their household, but “Fair Play” author Eve Rodsky and lifestyle coach Jacqueline Misla believe it’s imperative to divide housework evenly.

Part of that comes from “[considering] your housemate or partner's circumstances for the week,” such as how long the other has to work.

If she’s working fewer hours than her husband and is home all day, then they should communicate about how she could hopefully have food ready for him by the time he gets home after working for 13 hours. All that matters, is that he’s also picking up some slack where she isn’t so she doesn’t have to carry all of the burdens.


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