Man Claiming To Be King Charles & Camilla's Secret Love Child Reveals Possible DNA Breakthrough

He's urging King Charles to get a DNA test.

Simon Dorante-Day, King Charles III, Camilla ChrisGhinda | Shutterstock | Facebook

A man claiming to be the secret love child of King Charles III and Camilla has revealed a new DNA breakthrough in an effort to prove he is the monarch's son. 

Simon Dorante-Day, 56, has long been making the allegations that he is related to the Royal Family, and in an interview with Australian publication 7NEWS, Dorante-Day has continued to back his claims, insisting that he's now more committed than ever to taking Charles to court for DNA testing.


Dorante-Day, who is from Queensland, Australia, shared that in the days following Queen Elizabeth's death, he's been met with an influx of messages on social media from people who want to know what his next steps are in proving that he is the child of Charles and Camilla.

“There has been a discussion in there between a judge and myself and his barrister about the legal standing of Charles, and whether the monarch is protected by the law or is above the law,” he said. "And the answer to that was no - they told me that we don’t see any reason why he is. Secondly, Camilla and her family are certainly not above the law. So that argument’s already been had and settled."


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He continued, saying, "A lot of people were concerned that when Charles rose to be monarch that it would damage my case. But it’s not going to make any difference legally, it’s still pressing ahead the same way."

Dorante-Day clarified that he'll "be back in Family Court" with evidence that would eventually lead to "an application for a DNA test."


"Charles and Camilla will have to answer that," he promised, adding that he's willing to endure the fight to figure out the truth.

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"It makes no difference to me whether that mountain in front of me is male or female. It makes no difference to me how high that mountain is. "I’ve still got to climb it to prove what I know to be true. So from that regard, nothing has changed.”

Dorante-Day, who was born in 1966 in the UK, revealed that he had been adopted at the age of eight by a local couple, Karen and David Day. His adoptive grandparents, Winifred and Ernest Bowlden, had both worked for the Queen and Prince Philip in one of their royal households.


At the time of his birth, Camilla was just 17 while Charles would have been 18. The two reportedly did not meet until 1970 but Dorante-Day insists they were linked earlier.

He claims that his grandmother told him many times that his biological parents were Charles and Camilla. "She didn't just hint at it, she told me outright," he said. 

Earlier this year, Dorante-Day tried to reach out to the Royal Family, revealing that he had written a private letter to the Queen to try and have her intervene and encourage Charles to comply with the DNA test, though she never responded.

“If it was really not true, if he really is not my father - it’s gone well past the point of Charles being able to respond amicably and clear up the issue,” he told 7NEWS.


“Him not responding just makes me and many others suspicious - what does he have to hide?"

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