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Man Cheats On His Girlfriend During A Weekend Trip — And Pays For It With His Dream Job

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After a man cheated on his girlfriend, he never thought it would eventually result in him missing out on one of his most significant job opportunities. All he had to do was refrain from lying and cheating in the first place. 

Sharing the incident to the subreddit, r/pettyrevenge, a woman reveals that she began dating one of her co-workers, whom she refers to as “M.” She claims that they “circled each other” for a few years as just friends before they decided to start officially dating. 

She reveals that 'M' cheated on her with another woman from the U.K. whom he later began a relationship with. 

The woman explains that in the beginning of her relationship with M, she opened up to him about being cheated on in past relationships and explained her important dating boundaries. “I have one relationship rule that is unbreakable. You can do almost anything that you want to but don't lie to me,” she wrote. “If I find out after that something happened, that is the line you just can't cross.”

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One weekend, M told the woman that he was going on a weekend trip to New York City with friends from the U.K. However, this was just a cover-up for his true motives. 

“When he got back he looked exceptionally guilty so when I asked him about it he admitted that ‘friends’ was actually only one friend who he cheated on me with,” the woman revealed. “We still had to work together so my response was, ‘Well that sucks and is a deal breaker for me but we can go back to being friends' and I did actually mean it.” 

After the woman and M broke up, he began a long-distance relationship with the woman from the U.K. whom he’d cheated on her with. As their relationship grew more serious, M decided to look for a job in the U.K. so he could move overseas to be with his girlfriend. 

At the time, the ex’s mother had a company in the U.K. looking to fill positions. 

According to the woman, her ex went to school for a degree in Computer Science. Her mother was the Vice President of Technical Support for a software company that was recruiting employees for the U.K. support office the company was trying to launch. 

“As we have been friends for years he knows my mom well so if he applied it was almost a guarantee that he gets the job,” the woman wrote.  However, the woman chose not to tell M that the job would be in the U.K. 

“I wanted him to get the job for himself not for the girl,” she admitted. “M is still my friend and let's face it I am not really a fan of the girl at this point so while I don't want to help them I do want him to be happy.”  Since he was unaware of the job’s location, M ultimately decided not to apply for it. 

Just six months later, the woman shared that M and his U.K. girlfriend broke up after she cheated on him with someone local to her. Shortly afterward, he decided to forward his resume to the woman’s mother hoping to secure a position at her company. It was then he realized the location of the previous job the woman told him about.

“About a week after getting hired, he mentioned to my mom about the girl and that he was trying to move over there to be with her,” she wrote.  “She replied, ‘Pity you didn't apply sooner we were looking to fill a UK position with someone from here.’” 

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Reddit users congratulated the woman for getting her revenge quietly.

"It's sweeter knowing that you didn't actively sabotage his future, but he did it to himself," one Redditor commented. "It's fun when you know people well enough to give them exactly what they need to screw themselves over," another agreed.

Another user pointed out that the OP got revenge twice, all without having to get her own hands dirty. "I love this story!" they wrote.

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The woman and M remained friends for many years after that until life took them in different directions, but every now and then, he would bring up the fact that she “ruined his life and cost him his dream job.” 

She was always quick to remind him of some key information that ultimately led to her decision. “My response was always the same: ‘Well you started it when you lied.’”

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