Man Asks Woman Out On Date Via LinkedIn & People Are Begging Her To 'Give Him A Chance'

LinkedIn is the new Tinder.

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While using the LinkedIn platform,  we usually expect our inboxes to contain messages from job recruiters and potential applicants. 

You would never expect to encounter someone asking you out on a date. However, this si exactly what happened to one woman while she was using LinkedIn. 

Now TikTokers are encouraging her to make the next move. 

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The woman revealed that a man asked her out via LinkedIn. 

LinkedIn is a business and employment-focused social media platform that allows people to find internship and job opportunities and employers to recruit potential workers. It is the largest professional network on the Internet, with over 900 million members in over 200 countries worldwide. 

One of those members is Hannah Harmelin, who is also a popular social media influencer on TikTok with over 48,000 followers. 

While browsing through LinkedIn, most likely interested in work opportunities, Harmelin received an unexpected message from a man she did not know. The man was not seeking employment or hoping to recruit Harmelin for a job position. 


Instead, he asked her out on a date. 



“This man really came to LinkedIn,” she shared with her followers in a TikTok video with over 734,000 views. 

Revealing a screenshot of the man’s message, Harmelin demonstrates how he asked her out. 

“Hey Hannah - skipping the line on a dating app and just coming straight to you,” the unidentified man wrote. 


“Aggressive move, I know I know. Life’s too short not to go for what I am highly interested in.” 

He added that he was “happy to connect” with Harmelin on the app regardless of her “openness to meet.” 

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Some TikTok users appreciated the man’s move, and encouraged Harmelin to ‘give him a chance.’ 

“That’s actually so cute,” one user commented. 

“Maybe I’m just toxic but I’m obsessed with this and you should definitely give him a chance,” another user urged. 

“Kindest regards,’ he’s a keeper,” another user noted. 


“I’m all for this,” another user added. “Prime example of, ‘if he wanted to he would.” 

Others noticed that the man was an MBA candidate, and persuaded Haremlin to get to know him better. 

“He’s qualified, he’s an MBA candidate,” one user noted. 

“See what school he goes to so we can all judge,” another user sarcastically commented. 

However, others found the man’s message problematic since he approached Harmelin on a business platform and not a dating site. 

“I don’t want to be approached in my workspaces. Either by a random or worse, by someone who stalked me there from Bumble,” one user expressed. 

“This is honestly a red flag,” another user commented. 


“Sir I use this to further my career not find a hookup,” another user wrote. 

Haremelin has yet to confirm whether or not she wound up going on a date with the mystery man. 

Still, it would be quite a story to tell their future children if they end up working out! 

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