Why Internet Sleuths Think Brian Laundrie May Be Hiding Under The Dirt In His Parents' Garden

Did his family put him 6 feet under?

Brian Laundrie and his parents garden Instagram / YouTube

According to the new timeline given by Christopher and Roberta Laundrie, Brian Laundrie has now been missing for over 24 days since he left his home on September 13th.

As search efforts continue by the FBI and various TV celebrities like Dog the Bounty Hunter, leads are consistently coming up short — sparking more and more creative theories from the internet sleuths and web detectives involved with the case.


Now, those following the case online are looking for Laundrie closer to his North Port, Florida home — in his own backyard. 

Is Brian Laundrie hiding in his parents backyard? 

Recently, drones that have been flying over the Laundrie household have been capturing footage and photos of the family’s activities, which include the garden in their backyard.

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Footage of the Laundrie's in their yard gardening before spotting the drone and quickly retreating inside led some to believe they may be hiding something.


Some suspect the Laundries have an underground shelter. 

In the yard, there is also an odd-looking, white contraption that appears to have metal rods sticking out of it — which some believe to be ladders.

People are speculating that it’s an odd coincidence that all of a sudden, Roberta wants to start and tend to a garden while Brian is missing.


Underground bunkers are not unheard of in Florida.

Underground bunkers are not uncommon in Florida. In fact, Florida is home to the biggest fallout shelter in the country, which resides in Mount Dora.

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However, it does seem unlikely that Laundrie's parents would have been able to successfully keep a bunker hidden from the FBI. 

Others believe the Laundries are hiding evidence in their garden.

A video has been circulating on TikTok of Roberta tending to the garden where some claim to have spotted her handing something to someone under the plot and also taking something from them and putting whatever they received in their pocket.


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The user who posted it on Twitter, @TimyNerdG, says that they don’t see a hand but they do see her uncovering a perfectly square plot with a box inside of it — repliers speculate it could be the burner phone she was alleged to have.


Brian Laundrie is most likely not in the yard. 

The claims seem a little far-fetched given that the FBI already raided the Laundrie's home and have primarily focused their search for him in his last known location — the Carlton Reserve. 

Given that the Laundrie's have been hiding out in their home for weeks it's not unlikely that they have taken up gardening to pass the time. 

Brian remains the only person of interest in Gabby Petito’s murder and is also wanted for the crime of taking $1,000 from Petito's bank account after her death.


Up until recently, Christopher and Roberta have been completely silent on their son’s disappearance —  not helping law enforcement and claiming not to know where he was, but now Christopher has joined the search and was spotted looking around with authorities.

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