Woman Asks For 'Funny' Ways To Get Back At Her Husband After He Put A Tracking Device In Her Car, But Not Everyone Is Laughing Along

An invasion like this is serious business—and people knew just how to make him pay for it.

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Creepy stories about GPS trackers like Apple's AirTags being used for nefarious purposes are becoming more and more common nowadays. People, mostly women, have found that the trackers have been slipped into their clothing and luggage, while others have found their exes using the tags to track their children.

For one woman on Reddit, a GPS tracker spelled the end of her marriage.

She discovered her husband put a tracking device in her car and asked for 'funny' ways to get back at him.

It wasn't just any old AirTag, though, in this case. Her husband went to whole other lengths to keep tabs on her whereabouts, hiding an entire cellphone connected to a battery pack in her vehicle—which is either ingenious or hilariously inept and old-school, depending on your view.


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The woman says she has suspected her husband has been tracking her for over a month.

After a recent night out with some friends, her suspicions were confirmed in the creepiest way possible. "Last night I went out with some friends and he knew exactly where I was," she writes. 


Naturally, she immediately wondered how he could possibly know all the details of her outing. "I went through my car when I got home and found a cellphone connected to a battery pack in my spare tire compartment," she went on to say. 

As anyone would be, she is furious over her husband's actions. "I haven't ever been unfaithful or given him a reason to not trust me," she writes. "I am beyond mad and feel like this is obviously a huge invasion of privacy." To say the least.

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The woman asked for 'funnier' ways to get back at her husband for putting a tracking device in her car.

Some people's response to the woman's story was to wonder if her husband had some valid reason to put a tracking device in her car. Some thought maybe he just wanted to protect her. You can't be too careful nowadays, especially as a woman, right?


But she quickly put that theory to rest. "No, he isn’t interested in making sure the car stays safe," she wrote, going on to say that she has already taken care of that issue herself—and her husband knows it. "I have an AirTag in my car for this purpose that he is aware of and he would [have] had a conversation with me about it if his intentions were good."

Making the whole thing even worse, the care is solely hers, not his. "The car is mine, in my name," she writes, further undermining the plausibility of him having done this with pure intentions.

The violation is the last straw for her—and now she wants revenge. "What I should do with the tracking device," she asked her fellow Redditors. "I have considered running it over, or putting it in his car, [but[ are there any funnier options?," she went on to say. "The relationship is over…so now I just want to have a little fun.

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Many people on Reddit thought the woman should definitely get revenge—so long as she got away from him afterward.

Getting as far away from her husband as possible was many commenters' top priority. "Call the police first and report it as someone stalking you," one person wrote. "You don’t know it’s your husband for sure. If it’s him it will help you with the divorce that he’s a stalking creep."

But others followed through with her question—and it must be said, they came up with some truly hilarious revenge ideas. Among the best schemes were throwing the tracker on a bus, taxi or Uber and watching the woman's husband freak out. Or, to play along with the whole thing and tell him she thinks she's being tracked and going to the police—and then watch him freak out. 

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Of course, if you are worried about trackers, there are ways to detect them. As revealed in the video below, some devices are small enough to fit in a pocket, and they also double as hidden camera detectors too. 

But in this Redditor's case, one person had the best solution of all for her situation with her privacy-violating husband's dalliance with a GPS tracker. "Drive to a divorce attorney's office and leave it there." Yep, that one's pretty hard to beat. 


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