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Teacher Explains Himself After A Parent Emailed Him Claiming Their Child Saw Him Drinking Margaritas In Class Twice

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Teacher accused of drinking in class

Kids say the darndest things, but when your kid says something like “My teacher is chugging margaritas during class,” you’d probably be inclined to listen to them, even if you only take their word with a grain of salt.

After all, what does a kid know about margaritas? How does a kid even know what a margarita is? How does a kid even know about alcohol? Well, one kid apparently knew enough about it to report it to his parents who emailed the teacher just to make sure.

The teacher received an email claiming that he was seen drinking in class twice.

An elementary school teacher on TikTok under the account name “@venmoyourteachers” shared the email he received from a concerned parent, with the subject line reading “Quick Question.”

Maintaining his anonymity, he blocks important names such as his and the mom’s, but he isn’t afraid to leave his snitch’s name unblocked in the passive-aggressive email.

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The email reads, “I hope you had a great weekend. Julian came home twice this past week saying you were drinking Margaritas in the classroom during school hours.” Now Julian, why would you snitch on your own teacher like that? If he’s getting the job done, let your teacher drink his spicy water — he’s not bothering anyone!

All jokes aside, it’s interesting that a kid would ever be able to distinguish something like that, so the mom shares her skepticism with him. “Surely this can’t be the case, but I wanted to reach for an explanation before I elevate this to administration. Why are you talking about this during class? Where would he get this idea? See you tomorrow.”

She immediately assumed that the teacher was to blame for her child’s knowledge about margaritas — how else could he possibly know what they were? She also included a passing threat, with the “before I elevate this to administration” to let him know she means business.

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The teacher had an explanation for why Julian would think he was drinking margaritas in class.

The video moves to the teacher’s point of view of his couch, where a cute dog sits peacefully next to the backpack he likely uses to carry his things to class. Sorry, not the dog’s backpack, the teacher’s.

Reaching into his pack, he grabs hold of a bottle and pulls it out, showing the label off to the camera so people can see the reason Julian might have made a mistake. It’s a bottle of “Polar Seltzer,” and the flavor says “Strawberry Margarita.”

The drink is “naturally calorie-free” and claims to be a “premium seltzer with other natural flavors for depth & complexity,” but one thing seems to be missing — alcohol content.

“It’s [because] of snitches like Julian that margs are required,” one mom joked in the man’s comments because really, what the heck Julian!

No of course this isn’t actually Julian’s fault, it was just a simple misunderstanding, but many people in the comments were curious as to how he was able to discern that this would be a problem in the first place.



One mom pointed out in the comments “I would ask the mom why the child knows so much about margaritas?!?” Someone else asked, “How does he know what a margarita is?” While a third, more spiteful person claimed “I would ask her why her child is so familiar with margaritas and offer to get CPS involved.”

Many people took issue with the mom’s confrontational email more than anything. She shouldn’t have assumed that something was amiss and threatened to “elevate this to administration,” because really, kids do say the darndest things.

If anything, this just highlights one of the many, wild examples of things that teachers have to deal with on a daily basis. Now more than ever, teachers are experiencing wide-scale burnout and are forced to put up with a lot of stress — if only there were a magical drink that could help take that stress away…

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