Former Train Supervisor Explains The Measures He Took To Meet His Wife Of 20 Years — 'Literally Moving Trains Just To See Her'

David is setting the bar exceptionally high. Not everyone can be the Supervisor of Train Operations at Grand Central.

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You’ve heard people say they would move mountains for others, but what about moving trains? While slightly less impossible than moving a mountain, one man was actually able to do that for the woman that caught his eye 30 years ago.

The TikTok page Meet Cutes NYC is dedicated to finding couples on the streets of New York and asking them how they met. One man, named David, explained that he met his wife of 20 years, Bonnie when he was working at the Grand Central Station all that time ago.


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Whenever she rode her train to the station, her husband moved trains to make sure he could see her.

When the two of them were stopped and asked how they met, Bonnie went “oh hoho” and gave a very big smile, preparing viewers for what would be one of the sweetest “how we met” stories you could ever hear — she clearly thought it was.

“I used to supervise train operations in Grand Central Terminal in New York, and I had an office in the track area that had one-way glass through it,” David started explaining. “One day, she got off the train and I saw her coming up through the platform.”


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Smitten, the train operations supervisor had come up with a genius plan in order to see her — moving the trains around so she would always get off the train near his office.

“So the next day, I put the train on the same track so I could see her again, and then I did it a third time, and then she wasn’t on that train so I put the next train on that track until finally, I was putting every train on that track to make sure I got it.”


As David tells the story, Bonnie stands there watching him with adoration, clearly in love with the man who would move trains just to see her.

“One day, she came up and got close to the one-way glass and saw me inside and smiled,” he continued. “The next day, I went out and introduced myself.”

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She didn’t know he had been switching the trains around for months.

The interviewer stepped in to ask Bonnie a question, asking “Did you know when you met, that he had been doing this with the train?”

Shocked, as if she had just found out all over again, she said “No! No, and in fact, I didn’t know it for a few months. I had no idea.” She laughed, smiling the whole time. “So the next time somebody changes your gate on your plane? Just trying to get a date,” David joked.


When asked what her reaction was when she found out, she said she thought “Jesus Christ! No, it was very unusual.” The interviewer also asked if he could get in trouble for doing that, and he said “No I was in charge. There was no threat to safety or anything, I was just putting the trains where I had a chance to meet her.”

The two explained that this was 30 years ago, but that they had been married for 20 years, so the interviewer asked what the secret to such a long relationship was — David said “‘yes honey.’ That’s the secret, ‘yes honey.’”

David’s setting up incredibly high expectations for men everywhere! One person in the comments wrote “Literally moving TRAINS to just SEE HER! If I don’t get this I don’t want it!”


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