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A Dad Gets Called To Pick Up His Son From School Early After He Took Charge Of Packing His Kid's Lunch For The Day

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A father on TikTok claims that one of the best pieces of advice he was given after his son was born was, “You know more than you think you do.” 

However, he has recently found out that that is not always the case when it comes to raising kids after a mishap packing his son’s school lunch. 

The dad had to pick his son up early from school after he packed him a can of beer mistaking it for sparkling water. 

In a TikTok video that has been viewed over 4 million times, the dad, Will Myers,  (@moneymanmyers) explained the unfortunate yet hilarious situation he got himself into. 

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He reveals that he received a phone call from his son’s school to pick him up early after teachers were concerned about a drink he brought along with his lunch. 

The drink in question was a can of Guinness draught sought, a popular brand of beer. Myers says that he mistook the beer for sparkling water his son often drinks due to the similarities of the cans. He displayed the two beverage cans side by side to show viewers exactly how similar they were. 

“One of these is sparkling water and he likes me to pack it for him in his lunch because it’s awesome,” the dad says. “One of these is not sparkling water, although it looks like a sparkling water can.” 

“Therefore, I’ve got to go pick up my kid from school and try to explain this situation,” he adds. 

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Most TikTok users found the father’s innocent mix-up to be comical. 

“That kid’s gonna be the most popular one on the playground,” one user commented. 

“Thanks for the morning laugh!” another wrote. 

Other users assured the father that he was not the only one to encounter this problem and shared their own stories of unintentionally bringing alcohol to school as kids (and even as adults!)  

“My dad sent me to school with a Mike's Hard Lemonade in kindergarten so I think it’s a normal dad thing,” one user revealed. “I sent two packs of cigarettes in a bag of paper plates and napkins to my daughter's class,” another user wrote. 

“I almost packed myself a white claw instead of Celsius. I’m a teacher. Thank goodness I realized before I left the house!” another user admitted. 

Although Myers did not clarify, we hope that his son did not have a sip of the beer before the teachers realized the drink mix-up. It is safe to assume that he will have his son’s mother handle packing school lunches from now on! 

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