Woman Accuses Hotel Of Attempting To Traffick Her After Worker Tried To Get Into Her Room While She Was Alone

She says other women have come forward.

TayBeepBoop TikTok, Godfrey Hotel Hollywood TikTok / Instagram

A terrifying encounter at a hotel in Los Angeles led a woman named Tay to post about her experience on TikTok in order to warn others in the area.

The woman says a hotel employee attempted to enter her room while she was in there alone and claims other women are coming forward with similar stories.

The TikToker is accusing the Godfrey Hotel Hollywood staff member of trying to sex traffick her.

“I was FaceTiming friends, eating Thai food in my bed, with no pants on when this happened,” she wrote in a TikTok explaining what happened and providing video evidence of the situation.


She says a man tried to enter her hotel room, without knocking, but couldn’t gain entry because of the latch she set up to block the door. The man then began enquiring about a car.



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“I jumped up and spilled my food,” she continued, “Threw pants on, then started recording for evidence incase something happened.”

When Tay called the front desk and asked why someone was opening her door, they replied by saying “there shouldn’t be” and adding that they would send security to her room.

Still FaceTiming with friends, Tay explains that the front desk has stopped answering her calls, the man continues knocking, and there is no security to be found.

“Eventually the man wasn’t there anymore and when I called again he answered,” she wrote.

During the phone call, the man says he was at the door “because I need to speak to you regarding your vehicle.”


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Tay expresses that she feels uncomfortable and afraid because she is “a single woman, by herself, in a hotel,” and doesn’t own a car to begin with.

The man on the phone continues to try and get her to come to the front desk, but she continues to refuse.

Eventually, he relents and apologizes for making her feel uncomfortable and unsafe, claiming that there is a smoking car in the garage and he needs to get in contact with the owners of the vehicle — who he thought were staying in her room.

“This man’s story made less than no sense, because if a car was smoking in a garage, why wouldn’t the first call you make be the fire department?” she asks.




Tay was staying at the hotel in LA for business, and luckily, the client she was working with was extremely understanding and helpful, sending an escort to her room at the hotel to get her out.

“He came up with a different hotel worker and she was confused,” she explained, “she was like ‘I don’t know what’s going on, I didn’t hear about a car being on fire.’”

At 11 p.m., the client she was working with found her an entirely different place to stay at a new hotel, and the rest of her time in Los Angeles went without incident.


Tay says she suffered for months after the incident at the Godfrey Hotel Hollywood in Los Angeles.

In the last video of her series, Tay revealed that she had gone nearly two months without telling anyone about the incident that occurred on June 1, 2022, and explained that she was now suffering from the effects of PTSD as well as receiving death threats and blackmail attempts.

The hotel turned comment sections on all of their social media accounts off, blocked Tay from being able to tag the hotel’s TikTok on the platform, and released a statement claiming that Tay’s claims were false and stuck with the original story of an emergency with a vehicle in the garage.



“The hotel has made a statement, and it’s a total lie,” she says. “Doesn’t even address the guy entering my room. They did not speak to me the next day at all.”


She claims that as a result of the incident, her mental health has deteriorated to the point where she feels like she needs to check into a mental care facility.



“I WANT to stop posting about this but if there are updates I will share them because it’s important the @godfreyhotelhwood is held accountable,” she wrote in the caption. “I’m going to be getting the FBI involved.”


She also shared that other women have sent her messages with similar stories, claiming staff members tried to enter their rooms at the hotel.

There hasn’t been an update about the hotel since her final video about the incident on August 2, 2022.

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