Woman Goes Through 4 Rounds Of Interviews & Gets A Verbal Offer—Then Learns The Job No Longer Exists

She thought she had finally found a job, but was saddened to learn that the position had been terminated right after being offered it.

Raquel TikTok

After receiving a job offer from a prospective employer, a woman was shocked to learn that the position she had been hired for was no longer available.

In a TikTok video, Raquel, a content creator, tearfully recounted how she had been extremely happy to have been hired and finally be employed after a long stretch of not having a job, but didn't think the job would suddenly vanish before she could start.


Raquel says the job position she was verbally offered was suddenly eliminated by the company.

In Raquel's video, she explained that she had received a verbal offer from the hiring manager, and had been awaiting the official email offer with all of the information from the company, but was confused about why it was taking longer than expected.

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Eventually, the job recruiter reached out to Raquel, sharing the same concerns about why the email offer hadn't been sent out yet. "The recruiter told me, 'Hey, I don't know what the delay is. The leadership team hasn't approved it yet. Let me see what's the holdup.'"


Raquel continued, saying that after the recruiter had inquired about her job offer, she learned that the company was in the middle of restructuring and that the role that she had basically been given and went through "four rounds of interviews for" was not included in the company's plan for restructuring.

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She explained that she had been laid off, and was hoping to finally have a job.

To make matters worse, Raquel revealed that she had been laid off from her previous job in the summer of 2022. She was able to find another job, which she started in December 2022, but ended up leaving because of the work culture.

"I joined the team and then it ended up being a super toxic team, like 12 to 13-hour workday expectations," she recalled. "We didn't even get the New Year's observed holiday off. So I left that immediately, like within two months."


Since then, Raquel says she has been actively looking for another place of employment and has been in "survival mode" for several months.

"I don't want to move back home," she tearfully admitted. "It's not a super healthy, conducive, or good place for me to be in. I'm stressed, and just worried." 

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In the comments section, people offered Raquel words of encouragement during her difficult time.

"I'm sorry that happened to you but you dodged a bullet with this one! everything will work out as it should!" one TikTok user wrote.


Another user agreed, pointing out that to go through four rounds of interviews and still not end up with the position is incredibly disheartening. "4 rounds and verbal offer? That’s honestly so foul of them to do."

"I’m right there with you. Laid off in June. Took a job in November and it was awful so now I’ve been unemployed for two months," a third user admitted.

A fourth user remarked, "We have to stop putting these companies on blast. We should start seeing the name of these companies and calling them out."


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