Laid-Off Employee Tries Not To Be 'Suspicious' While Taking Goods From The Office One Last Time

He's making the most of the perks he won't be able to use anymore!

employee, Indeed / TikTok 

After an employee was laid off from his job, he decided not to let some of the office perks go to waste one last time. The man now hopes to start his “mukbang” career with his new earnings. 

Indeed, an employment website for job listings, laid off 15% of its employees in mid-March, leaving 2,200 people jobless. CEO Chris Hyams made the decision since the job market is “cooling down” and job openings have decreased by 3.5% over the last year. 


Among the fired employees was Larry, who worked at an office in Singapore. Larry's office, like many, provides employees snack to keep them sustained throughout the work day but no one needs free snacks more than a recently unemployed person so Larry did what any frugal person would do.

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The laid-off employee decided to take as many free snacks as he could from the office in a ‘final office snack run.’ 

Bringing in a black tote bag into the office, he snuck as much food as he could fit, including instant noodles, bags of chips and cookies. Larry hoped to sneak out of the office with his new snack haul without raising suspicions since he was technically no longer an employee at Indeed.  




Other TikTok users praised Larry’s actions and found them to be hilarious. 

“BRAVO!!! I totally get this. I just got laid off from Indeed too, but I was remote. Probably would’ve done the same thing!” one user commented. “High five! Office snacks are always good! Hope you find a new job before the snacks run out,” another user wrote. “You should’ve taken more. I took a whole box when I left,” another user recommended. 

In a follow-up video, Larry revealed that he initially believed that he was being laid off since he was the youngest employee in the office. However, he later found out that the company had shut down the entire Singapore tech office, which affected his entire team. He was able to go into the office one final time post snack run and say his goodbyes to his colleagues. 

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So, what’s next for Larry? According to him, he wants to use his “funemployment” time to focus on his start-up business, Sotravel, a program designed to connect fellow Singaporeans to embark on adventurous trips abroad together. He also has an important message for his followers and those who have recently been laid off from their jobs as well: “when life gives you lemons, make content.” 

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