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‘My Ex Left Me All His Money. Now The Girlfriend He Left Me For Is Contesting His Will’

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A woman on Reddit decided to tell her story on the subreddit "r/TrueOffMyChest" after learning that her ex-husband had left her all his money.

The subreddit "r/TrueOffMyChest" is a place where you can get anything and everything off your chest and open yourself up to some support from stranger's. 

The inheritance of $1.3 million was too much for the woman to turn down but it has created some legal and moral difficulties.

The girlfriend that her husband left her for now wants to claim the money.

"My ex-husband (m48) came to me (f44) one day and told me that he was leaving me. This was about eight years ago, and I was 4 months pregnant with our first child. I can’t describe the hurt and confusion I was feeling," she explains at the beginning of her post. 

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No reason was given, and they were married for ten years.

She found out later the reason was that a couple of weeks before he left her, he met someone else, and that's why he was divorcing the original poster.

"He never spoke to me until I had a late miscarriage 2 months after," she wrties, clarifying that she doesn't blame him for the miscarriage.

"He texted me that he wanted to see me and talk. I didn’t reply. He tried to reach out a few times more but I never answered him." 

The woman eventually met someone else, and her ex stopped trying to contact her after. Now, she is still happily married with two children. 

She learned her ex-husband was terminally ill, and his last wish was to see her.

"I refused to go and see him as his last wish. His parents tried to get me to visit him, but I refused. What do you say to someone who hurt you this bad after all these years? Does him dying make it less hurtful? Does it make me forget my resentment? I didn’t want to find out."

Of course, now that she knows about the will her decision to not visit him haunts her but it's understandable why she made that choice at the time.

When he passed, she learned that she would get most of his money and his apartment. His parents will be getting enough for their retirement and his nephew will receive college tuition money but, other than that, the money is all hers.

In a letter he wrote for her before his death, he apologized for everything.

"He never stopped loving or thinking of me. In his mind, I was still his wife," she says of the letter. "He never got over the loss of our baby and felt responsible for it. He really seemed remorseful, and he seemed to have followed my life closely." 

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He knew who her current husband was, their children, their names, and her current job, which is part of why she felts guilty for not granting him his final wish, but now her ex-in-laws are asking her to be generous with the inheritance with her ex-husband's girlfriend.

Her ex-husband's girlfriend is now trying to contest the will.

The ex-husband's girlfriend dropped out of college after meeting him and has never worked a day in her life, as stated by woman. 

She explains that she is now threatening to contest the will on the grounds that she used and abused him and his trust. 

"I have manipulated him to give me everything and that she won't leave her home," the woman says, reiterating the girlfriend's argument.

The woman is conflicted, saying she doesn't know if the girlfriend deserves anything.

"She's 33, and I don't feel that I have obligation to provide for her. Also isn't it disrespectful to go against my ex-husband's wishes," she asks at the end of her post.

One user suggested the original poster should offer the ex-in-laws an option to buy out the apartment, but the original poster said they couldn't afford it, so the user said the next best thing, give her enough time to save up, find a job, and move out.

Updating her post, the woman said her answer was still no and that her decision was made.

"I'm happy that it wasn't based on hate or resentment as I originally thought and felt guilty about," she wrote. "I believe what he's left me for whatever reason is mine and therefore nobody is entitled to it."

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